Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Howdy doody ya'll ; )    sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I haven't done any shopping and been layin low. I'm busy trying to put together a business plan for a business I want to start and it's been taking up alot of my free time, that and making alot of new raw recipes and sticking with this detox I'm doing! Between washing all these veggies, making recipes then dishes and cleaning up it's alot of time and work you have to put in. I do how ever have a list of things I want to post but by the time I get around to doing so I've lost all my mojo and in bed ready to call it a night! The pilates studio that I go to has been calling me wondering if I'm ok because I haven't been in all month, just haven't had the time.

Plus I signed up for school ; ) I'm so excited!! By this time next year I will be a certified holistic health coach!! YAY!

Anyhoo speaking of pooped and reason for this post......I had a COLONICS yesterday! Ahh I still can't believe I did it!! But before I fill you in let me explain what it is for those of you that don't know........
I copied this from another site.... (so when it says ' I ' it's not me!)

What To Expect During A Colonic Session?

Colon TherapyThe following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. The statements below have not been evaluated by the FDA (or your country’s equivalent). Any products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

You’ve probably read it time and again… colon therapy is an essential part of cleansing and detox. Especially when switching to a completely raw vegan diet, it is suggested that a massive detox may occur, and cleaning the colon can help with the “healing crisis”. Still, a lot of people will not give this healing protocol a try.

I thought perhaps… if people were aware of what to expect during a colon cleanse, they may feel more at ease about including it in their healing process… so, I asked the colon therapist (who also has colonics regularly herself) that I go see, if she would answer that question. Here is her response: (note, a small portion of the article includes fact brought from another source, the rest is original thought)

Many people may think that a colonic is an invasive procedure that is painful. But for those that have had a colonic before are quite pleasantly surprised how comfortable the procedure can be.
After completing a health history form and consulting with the colon therapist, the client is asked to change into a gown or wrap in a towel and lie face up on a treatment table.
A massage of the abdominal area is performed before the colonic session to loosen up any stagnant waste and help the client to relax. Once the massage is completed after a few minutes, the client turns on their left side where the colon therapist inserts a disposable speculum into the anus which is about the size of an adult’s thumb.
Then the speculum is connected to two different tubing’s. One is where the filtered water gets connected and the other is larger clear tube that is connected to a drainage where the waste flows through. Warm, gravity filtered water is slowly released into the colon. The warm water soaks and breaks up the waste which causes the muscles of the colon to contract, called peristalsis. Peristalsis “pushes” feces out through the hose to be disposed in a closed waste system.

The gravity fed pressure helps the water to circulate throughout the whole 5-6 feet of the colon and it provides a pressure that is like a vacuum that pulls and draws the waste out. Gravity fed colonics are recommended since it is the safest and most effective method of cleansing. It works with the natural flow of one’s body, and decreases the chance of any complications.
Filtered water is always recommended. Since the colon already has a lot of bad bacteria, you don’t want to add anymore to the water. Plus you want the water to be as chemical free as possible, and always ensure that the chlorine is removed.
The best type of system is the closed system which ensures that all the waste will flow through a closed drainage which also means that the client and the colon therapist do not smell the feces, so this is also sanitary and more pleasant.
The therapist will usually vary the temperature of the water from warmer to slightly lukewarm which will help to contract the bowel muscles. It is important to note that the best thing a person can do during a colonic is relax as much as possible. Nerves are often running high and people feel anxious about the whole idea and process but that tension will just constrict the colon. It is only once people start to relax that the bowels will start to release waste. This is where breathing comes into play. Deep breathing relaxes the mind and the colon, plus breathing also helps if clients experience cramping or pressure.

The client typically feels a little discomfort in the abdomen during the therapy as waste and gas is being stirred up and drawn out. The colon therapist may apply light massage to the client’s abdominal area to facilitate the process. Cramping is a normal part of the process and once you start to break up stagnant toxic waste, the bowels will do its job to expel it.
Also, many clients will say the only thing that is uncomfortable about the colonic process is just feeling the urge to push or get to the toilet. It’s a “strange” sensation for lack of a better word, but it is one that you do get used to… keep in mind that you are eliminating waste while laying on a treatment table, rather than the conventional toilet, so it’s bound to be a bit strange at first.
Sometimes during a colonic one may experience ‘hot flashes’ or sweat, or even get goose bumps. This is because the circulatory system is being stimulated and the blood is purging waste.
A typical session will use 15-20 gallons of water and will last anywhere from 35 minutes to one hour. After the session, the therapist leaves the room, and the client may sit on a toilet to pass any residual water and stools.
May clients will feel lighter, energetic, cleaner and less bloated immediately after a colonic, and can resume back to their normal activities. Some may experience a headache or feel tired and this is because more toxins were stirred up. Years of build up does not get eliminated in just one session so to ensure a more through cleansing of the colon it is recommended to do at least 5-10 sessions.

Ok so that's what it here is my story!

I decided to go Hippocrates Health Institute in Palm Beach. Not gonna get into trying to explain this place but I will say it's awesome, people come from all over the world to go to this place so I am so lucky that it is not far from me. Here is there website of you wanna check it out. They are known for their Life Changing Program and for being wheatgrass pioneers ; )

I wasn't down with just going anywhere to get a tube stuck up my ass and water get pumped in, this place is what I would consider experts in this kind of thing and they always have a doctor on staff. They are big believers in wheatgrass so they do wheatgrass implants during the colonics which no where else offers such a thing, so of course it's what I got, I mean if I'm gonna do it I'm gonna DO IT! LOL

So of course I woke up yesterday with the worst cramps ever and my period!! WTF only me! They recommended I get a Chi Nei Tsang before my coloics which is a deep organ massage so that's what I did. It was pretty awesome, basically a really nice abdominal massage so felt especially nice since I had cramps so bad.

A Chi Nei Tsang is a deep energetic massage from the healing tao society. This powerful hands on healing technique works with the five major systems of the body - vascular, lymphatic, nervous, muscular and energetic that are connected to the "Dan-Tien" abdominal center. Chi Nei Tsang removes organ obstructions and congestion in the abdomen. It clears blocked energy to release physical, mental and emotional resistance that can cause illness. The Chi Nei Tsang compliments the colon hydrotherapy (aka colonics) very well!

Ok so time for the colonics...I got a really cool black lady, not sure her ethnicity but she was awesome. We hit off right away LOL she of course loved my purse, my toenail polish, my hat, yada yada yada... towards the end she was like "I like you, you funny, you talking to me like I'm one of your old close friends!" Uh yea, you bet we're friends, a lot closer than I am with my other friends... if you get what I mean hahaha.
So this is what I walk into

The bed with weewee pad on it, I guess incase of any leakage LOL and the colonics equipment.
Then on the other side and behind the bed

The actual wheatgrass juicer! She really makes fresh wheatgrass right before it gets implanted in your ass! Ahahhahahahahaha

Ok so I strip down and lay on the bed, which has a heating pad underneath it to keep you nice and warm. She comes in and of course I'm like "Ahhh I'm scared", she laughs! I'm like "how big is this thing going in my ass?"...I thought it was suppose to be like a pinky finger and only goes in less than an inch, well she says "it's the size of a thumb and goes in about 2 inches"....WHAT! Oh geese I didn't like hearing that but she said relax, here open your mouth I'll give you some homeopathy drops to relax, I knew what it was and have had them before so I opened big. She said roll over and take really big deep breathes and try to relax....easier said than done but I did it. She hooked my ass up to the machine LOL It didn't hurt but I mean you do feel it, kinda makes you wanna shit right then. 
The crazy part was once it was in she wanted me to turn back over to lay on my back, I was like huh I don't want sit on this thing in my ass but the way she placed me you don't. You end up being in the position you would be in if you were going into labor!
She gets out some aromatherapy oils, put some on my hand for me to smell and try and relax and rubbed a bunch on my belly and started to massage my stomach. My sphincter muscle (ahahahahaha aka butthole muscle) kept wanting to clamp up around this tube in my ass (obviously I'm not use to things in my ass!!!) so I told her and she was like no don't do that just relax! Ok so again easier said than done, I tried my best to relax and not tense up! After massaging my belly for a little she turns the knob on the machine to start the flow of water, she says if I feel any pressure or discomfort let her know, of course I started to feel a really bad gas bubble type pressure feeling, she says "ok well breath it out just breathe", well breathing didn't help and it got worse so she turned off the water flow, then massaged my belly some more. Then did it again and again the same thing. After about the 6th time I was starting to feel like something wasn't working, shouldn't I be seeing mad shit coming out in the tube....I asked her and she just said relax when it's ready it's ready! Basically the only thing I was getting rid of was gas, and gas that she was causing by blowing water in my ass! I was getting frustrated! So I told her that when she turns on the water flow and I get that cramp if I pushed a tiny but maybe I could release the gas and start the shit flow into the tube, if that makes sense LOL but she was like "Oh No honey don't push I don't want to get shit sprayed today and have to go home!" Uh OK then LOL So I laid there thinking how impossible this seemed but tried my best to just relax and let it flow BUT of course nothing! Time was up and it was time for my wheatgrass, she juiced quite a bit and hooked it up to the machine which them flowed into my ass. She pulled out the tube from my ass and said ok all done now you can go sit on the toilet and shit. And OMG did I! I literally pissed out of my ass for 3 minutes straight, then again then again. Thought I was done so I got dressed then UH had to go again! 

So point of the story is I did all that and didn't get to see all the old stale shit that is cacked along my colon walls come out like planned! They say the first time doesn't do much and one should do a series, like 3-5 within a 2 month period to get the full benefits. 
I didn't go thru all that for nothing so I am going back on Sunday to do it again! 
I'm on a mission people!!!



Jamie xx

Friday, April 22, 2011


Today I was at Publix and they are giving away these large re-usable tote bags all day in honor of Earth Day. They are bigger and cuter than the regular small green re-usable bags Publix has and once I color mine it will be even cuter ; )

Bag is white so you can color the picture with markers, pretty flowers and butterflies!

In honor of Earth Day get outside and hug a tree today or better yet hump a tree ; )

From a professional tree humper....

Yours truly ; )

Jamie xx

Thursday, April 21, 2011

No excuses to not go organic - Annie's Organic Buying Club

By now I have pretty much stressed my thoughts on the importance of 'ORGANIC'.

I know the main reason a lot of people don't buy organic is because it can be more expensive. 
Well no more excuses people, tomorrow is Earth Day, do your part and sign up for Annie's Organic Buying Club - making organics affordable for everyone!

Let me kinda explain what it is...
Every city/town, well most cities/towns mainly in Florida, have buying coordinators. The buying coordinator is where you go to pick up your share. A share is your box full of organic fruits and veggies. Buying coordinators are everyday regular people that get the truck load of produce dropped of at their house then they organize each person's specific share, so you pick up from their house, if that makes sense LOL. Anyway you can pick from a variety of different types of shares, for instance if you only want fruit and not that many veggies than you pick that one, or if you only want to get one every 2 weeks not every week then chose that one. You'll have to go to website for more info to see what I am talking about. Shares range from $20-$45

I personally get the half share every 2 weeks and it cost $35.

This is what my box looked like a few weeks ago

Stacked full and filled to the brim

Today my share looked like this (Note: I told them no fruit for a month so this one has no fruit, veggies only!)

There is a lot more in there than it may look ;)

Another great thing is say you don't like tomatoes, then you just put "No Tomatoes" in the note section on the sign up page and you can change it any time so if there are things you don't want you won't get.
Another great thing I like about it is it somewhat forces you to change it up or try new things. A lot of the stuff I get I normally wouldn't buy at the store but not because I don't like it necessarily just because we all sometimes get stuck in a rut and tend to buy the same things. Every time you pick up your share you receive an email that morning telling you what's in your share and an attachment with a ton of recipes. For instance if your share has artichokes in it that week, there will be a ton of recipes with artichokes.
Everything is organic and fresh from the farmer, so no middle man (ie: grocery store) that sprays gases on the stuff to keep it fresh longer. This is the freshest way to get your fruits and veggies and with most, if not all, being as local as possible which is also really important!

Check out the website and sign up! 

Off to some hot yoga ; )

Peace and Love

Jamie xx

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So today I discovered a new drink that is low cal and full of probiotics, similar to the GT's Kombucha but way better tasting. 


KeVita is a probiotic drink derived from kefir cultures that enhances beneficial digestive flora with more than 20 billion active probiotics at time of bottling. For centuries, kefir was traditionally cultured in milk and made into a healthy, flavorful beverage similar to yogurt. Today, KeVita uses its proprietary process in creating a dairy-free organic drink.
KeVita's new flavors include Lemon Ginger, Matcha Green Tea, Living Greens, Original Coconut, Coconut Mango and Coconut Strawberry Acai; each available in a 16-fl. oz. bottle.

I got the original coconut one. They have a slight alcohol content due to the fermentation process just like kombucha :) Bought it at Whole Foods


Jamie xx

Monday, April 18, 2011

Scrub a dub dub!

For all coffee lovers, cellulite sufferers and anyone who wants soft glowing skin.

A super easy do it yourself 'organic' body scrub, all you need is...

100% Organic Jojoba Oil  
I like and use one by Desert Essence

Organic Coffee
Any organic brand is fine just make sure it is not decaf!

I have a small glass bowl in my shower that I just pour a little bit of coffee into before I get in, then before I get out of the shower I squirt in enough of the Jojoba oil to bind it all together, not too much though. Then just scrub a dub dub! The smell is lovely especially since I don't drink coffee anymore it gives me my fix! I feel like the coffee gives me a little color too, not like a tan just a nice glow. Also exfoliates and makes my skin oh so soft, no need to put lotion on after the shower ;) I know normally you would exfoliate then shave but with this I do the opposite this way once I'm done I just rinse off then get out of shower nice and soft, don't want to shave off my nice layer of jojoba oil, not that it would prolly make much difference but it's just how I've been doing it.

Anyway caffeinated coffee when applied as a body scrub especially to thighs is known to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite ;) If you check most cellulite reducing firming lotions on the market most will have caffeine as one of the ingredients. 
Not too mention all the benefits of the jojoba oil, I will do a post on that another time, I love the stuff, waaaaaaaaaaaay better and better for you than any Neutrogena body oil or Palmers body oil.
You could always use olive oil too!

The best part of wakin a jojoba coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee scruuuuub! LOL

Jamie xx

Friday, April 15, 2011

Lezbe friends ; )

If we are not already friends on FaceBook, send me a friend request ; ) and lezbe friends heehe

It's under Jamies Blogforgirls or try clicking link below

Have a wonderful weekend!

Peace and Love,
Jamie xx

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today is D day!

D for DETOX!

So where to begin...hmm
I guess I'll start with my skin and ACNE! Like I've said before I've been dealing with this for as long as I can remember. First memory being in 6th grade and an 8th grader named Josh who supposedly had a crush on me saying "Jamie has more pimples than Carter has pills" I gues cause I didn't like him back IDK either way obviously I had pimples then. I'm almost 30 and still have them, this is RIDICULOUS and I am so sick and tired of it being the story of my life.
I honestly can't remember one time was face was ever really clear and that's sad. Most of my friends might not agree but that's because they always see me with makeup on which does wonders I might add so if I didn't have huge cystic ones at that moment than with makeup it might not look like I have a problem but oh trust me I do!
I don't think anyone who hasn't experienced  acne could truly understand. Back when I modeled it really sucked always having to get my makeup done and having acne, so humiliating and REALLY hard to try and act pretty/sexy for the camera when you feel like zit face. I would never go to set with a fresh face like they asked, I always put on concealer and a little powder, to get there and them be like 'wait why do you have face makeup on?' then they would have to wipe it off and OMG I would just want to crawl in hole and die ;(
Over the years I've done EVERYTHING possible from birth control pill, antibiotics, peels, lasers, you name it I've done it. Thousands of dollars wasted!!

Lately considering how healthy I've been (minus the few Oreo and Hoho situations) I'm starting to really think something is wrong. I do know acne is inflammation. So why the hell is my body in constant inflammation. Regardless of the acne, inflammation is not good, it weakens your immune system and is the cause for disease. 

I've read a lot of books on skin, diet, nutrition, raw foods, cleansing, ect... in the last year in a half. 

Not to mention all the books I read sitting at the book store and online.

I've done the Isagenix cleanse a few times (which is a great cleanse by the way) and did Dr. Perricone's 28 day challenge all to still see no change in acne. My actual skin looked  great but still getting cystic acne and pimples. 

This past month I've been juicing alot and eating super clean, my face still pretty much the same then all of a sudden last week I was getting bumps all over...ALL OVER! I do notice my face will start to feel hot like it's boiling usually before a bad breakout and I am itchy alot and get frequent sinus headaches. I started thinking it had to be from allergies, most likely a food allergy. Allergies cause inflammation in the body. So last week went and had some allergy testing done.

They tested for molds, dust, pollen and foods. I only cared about the food.

Majorly allergic to ragwood and cat dander and of course no food ; /

Ok so kinda gotta rule out the food allergy. 

Started reading a new book that just came out by Kimberly Snyder, The Beauty Detox Solution. It's about cleansing your body, but doing so all the time by eating really clean, mostly raw but not all, food combining, ect.... in return your body can spend more energy on making you beautiful and healthy. She brings up candida overgrowth and if one might suspect they have it (there is no real test to find out) they should stick to her first phase of the plan for a minimum of 1 -3 months before moving on the next phase to make sure you have gotten rid of this candida overgrowth. No matter what you do you will never be able to reach your potential and really be healthy if you have candida overgrowth.  This is not the first time I've learned about candida overgrowth, back when I had the bout of severe panic attacks I thought at one point that could have been the cause. Anyway the more I think about it today still I am honestly believing I have this to some degree and have for a long time and no not just because of my acne!

Here is a link to what exactly is it

It is not by any means easy to get rid of it so the thought of not being 100% sure you even have it and going thru what it requires to get rid of it is NUTS! 

Here's what a candida diet consists of and would have to be followed for at least a month then 'some' not all foods can be gradually introduced back into your diet as this really is a life style change and struggle for those who suffer with it to not let it come back.

Anyway at this point I am willing to do anything as my one last try at this (my acne). I've been doing the healthy thing for a little while now anyway and always wished I had the will power to really be fully committed to no sugar, processed foods, ect.. so either way acne or not I AM DOING THIS!

I've read plenty of books on detox/cleansing and it can be scary, lots of things can happen when you wake up all those toxins in your body and don't properly get rid of them, which is kinda what I think I've been doing this past month and why my face right now is extra zitty! Not to mention my chest and back which was never a problem really in the past, extra groggy and spacey lately too.  

SO today is the day I start my beauty detox. It is by no means gonna be easy and trust me I am not at all thrilled about doing so. This for me is going to be a life style change though, not just gonna do this for a month then go back to eating whatever. Well for the most part LOL that's the plan anyway ;) 
For 30 days I am going to 'really' amp up the cleansing process by the following:
Lots of yoga
Dry skin brushing
Jumping on trampoline
Soak in baths with aromatherapy oils
Infared saunas
Hot n Cold Plunging
Colon Hydrotherapy aka colonics which no I have never done one before and SCARED as hell but gotta do whatcha gotta do, I'll be sure to fill you in on that when I go thru with it LOL

Diet for 30 days consists of:
NO fruit except lemons/limes, tomatoes, avocados and cucumbers (for atleast 30 days, then can gradually add it back to my diet)
NO dairy
NO wheat/gluten
NO sugar or artificial sweeteners (which means no gum)
NO caffeine
NO canned or microwaved foods (I don't anyway)
NO unfermented soy products (which is everything soy pretty much)
NO packaged or processed foods
NO table salt
NO alcohol
Limited amount of oil
Nuts only a couple times a week
Green veggie juice for breakfast
Salads or veggies for lunch
Dinner always start with a salad and must be vegan at least 4 times a week
Alot of proper food combining is involved as well which makes it even more difficult.

For instance when I juice I always atleast add an apple or pear, it makes it drinkable otherwise it's gross. Plus I make it into a smoothie by adding a little protein powder which makes it taste even better which now is a no no! I just had my first juice without any fruit or protein powder and it was very difficult to get down ;(

This should be interesting.....this is only Day 1 and it's not even over yet..29 more to go!

Jamie xx

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Shut The Fuck Up

Shit Is Wack

Gimme The Fuckin Money

the backs, they are made out of wood

I LOVE Steven Shein's jewelry........I don't have to say a word, my necklace says it all ;)

He recently came out with some new pieces, loving the rings and Sanrio pieces....check it out!

Jamie xx

Loving maxi dresses right now!

I am loving maxi dresses these days. They are so comfy yet still look chic and stylish especially if paired with some cute accessories. I am wearing mine a lot more these days and find that they make me feel quite girly ; ) normally in my sweats and sneakers or baggy jeans I feel more sporty spice LOL so this is a nice way to mix it up but still be comfy and casual. 
Anyway my fav are prolly my Gypsy 05 

Don't mind the headlights LOL
and the back

Free People has some cute ones right now that I am this one


Here is the link to all the maxi's by Free People

And from SInger 22
This leopard maxi by Blu Moon as seen on Vanessa Hudgens 

GORG!! Halston Heritage, comes in white and rose!

Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent

I even have some cute maxi's I got at Target..............LOVE Target ; )

Peace n Love,

Jamie xx

Monday, April 11, 2011

Enzymes and our digestion!

*Note: I am not a doctor or nutritionist of any kind, these are just my thoughts and my opinions on research I've done, do your own research and make your own thoughts on the matter  ; )    (that goes for all my posts)

Enzymes are essential, our bodies need them to live. They are necessary for digesting food, for stimulating our brain, for providing cellular energy, and for repairing all tissues, organs and cells.

There are 3 different types of enzymes: Metabolic, Digestive and Food.

Metabolic Enzymes run the bodies' organs, tissue and cells. Without them are bodies would not work. Some of their chores are healing wounds, attaching iron to our red blood cells, seeing that are hearts beat and help to turn phosphorus into bone.

Digestive Enzymes are secreted by the pancreas and break down food, allowing their nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream and be used by the body for our normal body functions. They ensure that we get the best possible nutritional value from the food we eat. 

Food Enzymes which include digestive enzymes are in 'live' foods which are raw fruits and vegetables. They help us 'predigest' our food. They help out the digestive enzymes and in return we don't use up as many 'in house' enzymes.

The more enzymes we get the healthier we are!
The more raw foods you eat the more enzymes you get!

Our foods enzymes are destroyed at temperatures above 118 degrees which means cooked and processed foods contain very few, if any, enzymes.

If our bodies have to rely to much on our own digestive enzymes, especially if they are lacking due to our diets, the result is more stress placed on our system and organs leaving less time and energy for other jobs. 80% of our bodies' energy is expended by the digestive system. 

Our bodies' ability produce enzymes naturally decreases with age. If you are run down, under stress, living in extreme hot or cold climates, pregnant or a frequent traveler then enormous quantities of extra enzymes are required by the body. 

Long story short...
Eating lots of raw food (like my kale salad) and taking a high quality enzyme supplement are an excellent idea. 
Help out your digestive system by taking a Digestive Enzyme supplement daily, I recommend a plant based one with Lipase, Protease and Amylase.

This is the one I got this morning, by Jarrow Formulas

There are a bunch of other brands to chose from though, check your local health food / nutrition store!

There is another advantage to being sure that foods are well-digested. When foods are not well-digested, they remain in the stomach and can rot and putrefy. This results in a buildup of waste in the colon. This fecal matter begins to decay, producing bacteria and toxins. The toxins eventually seep through the bowel wall, where blood capillaries pick them up and distribute them throughout the body. This can result in health problems. These problems include constipation, stomach bloat, poor digestion, gas, fatigue, weight gain and weight loss, headaches, and more. Using digestive enzymes ensures that your foods are more completely digested, helping to eliminate potential problems due to toxins.


Jamie xx

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hale to the Kale!

*Yes I know I spelled hale wrong, but it looked better ;)

Ok so weird post for a Sunday morning, I meant to do it last night but couldn't put down a new book I got and since this morning I missed the 10:30 hot yoga class I wanted to do ;( I figured I would post this now!


First off let me say that I was NEVER a salad person until I made this one, I make this pretty much EVERY night AND my husband (who is def not a salad person) LOVES it too, everytime he eats it he's like mmmmmm this shit is soooo good yum yum yum yum yum!
No joke! So do your self a favor PLEASE!! Even if you are not a salad person, go get the ingredients and make it, if not tonight sometime this week, you won't regret it!

I know a lot of you may have never had kale and actually a lot of people I know don't think they will even like kale until they try it. I've had many friends come over and be like...huh kale, I don't like kale it's too bitter..then they try my salad and LOVE it! Kale is actually not bitter, it's arugula that is a little bitter.

OK first let me go over a few things about kale for those that have never had it before. And if you know all about kale then just scroll down to the recipe ; )

Kale is the richest of the greens in the phytochemical lutein. Known mostly for its prevention of eye disease, lutein is now thought to be more protective against cancer than beta-carotein. Kale is also one of the highest sources of antioxidant flavonoids which help ward off heart disease and regulate blood pressure. Kale is loaded with calcium, more than milk, and extremely rich in vitamin A which is essential for visual and immune functions. One cup of kale has as much vitamin C as an orange. That's just to name a few....

There are 3 different types of kale:

On the left is the Lacinato kale or aka Dino kale, this is the kale I use for juicing.
In the middle is the red/purple curly kale
On the right is the curly kale, I use the curly kales for the salad.

INGREDIENTS: Try and get organic if you can ;)
1 bunch of curly kale
Red onion
1 Hass avocado

olive oil and/or flax seed oil (flax seed oil is not needed)
Braggs Liquid Aminos

Fill up sink with water, wash kale, lay on paper towels then cover with paper towels and pat to dry. Remove stems but just tearing the kale away from the stems.
I wash my kale and do this right when I get home from store then store it in a large ziploc bag, this way when I am ready to make my salad I just grab some out the bag. 1 bunch of kale makes about 2-3 large salads. Also sometimes I buy a carton of the already washed 'organic' spinach or the 1/2 spinach 1/2 arugula and throw a little of that in and then the bunch of kale will last longer ; )

Ok so grab your salad bowl, throw in some kale.
Slice some cucumbers, throw them in.
Slice a little red onion, throw that in.
Cut open the Hass avocado, slice, throw that in. (Use the whole avocado)
Then it should look something like this

Note: I used a little red curly kale in this one

Now it is ready for the dressing.
Squeeze about a 1/2 a lemon or less over it.
Drizzle some olive oil over it AND flax seed oil if you have it (if not no big deal, you won't taste the difference anyway)
Then spray the Braggs Liquid Aminos on it.
You want to get it nice and wet, should look like so...

Note: I sprinkled Hemp Seeds on mine in this photo

Then you are going to take your chef knife that you cut your cucumber, onion, ect with and a fork and cut the salad and all it ingredients to small bitable pieces while also mixing everything together. You want to make sure you mix the dressing in really good coating all the kale and ingredients while cutting. Takes some arm muscle, kale can be tough so you want to really cut it up, cut till you just can't cut any longer LOL

End result

This salad will full you up unlike most salads. Girls don't be scared of the avocado because they are full of fat, they are GOOD fat and so good for you. I eat an avocado everyday ; )

My advise would be to go to a Whole Foods or a Fresh Market to get all the ingredients. I'm pretty sure the Braggs Liquid Aminos is not sold at regular grocery stores but idk I could be wrong. 
Braggs Liquid Aminos are great on other things as well, it's like an alternative soy sauce so you can use it on sushi rolls, ect... and is way better for you than soy sauce. You might be thinking sauce in my salad dressing?! I know sounds weird but it is DEEEELICIOUS! This is what it looks like, get the small one in the spray bottle!

Like I've said before my husband does NOT care for 'healthy' stuff so if he LOVES it I'm pretty sure your family will too, kids too.

Obviously as with all salads there a million variations so play around with it, this recipe is just the main base for you to start with. I sometimes will add tomato and I use to always add Parmesan cheese, not the powder kind but the fresh block one and slice nice pieces of it and throw that in YUUUUUUUM!  But now that I'm not doing Dairy I omit it and it's still just as good ;)

I can't stress how healthy it is for you too! 
(FYI...... NEVER buy iceberg lettuce it has NO nutritional value what so ever!)

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Peace and Love.

Jamie xx

Friday, April 8, 2011

It's Pink Friday! Nicki Minaj - Muny Lyrics In HD


So yesterday I had to take Buster and Tito to the vet, as I was walking in to see the doctor and man was walking out holding his maltese who had a cone around his head. I thought he must have just picked him up from surgery or something when I saw the cone but no! As he passed me he says "Hope you got a lot of money cause if not they ain't gonna help you!" As he walked away I saw his dogs face, completely covered in blood, I'm talking thick fresh blood covered this poor dogs face, kinda looked like one of it's eyeballs was popped out a lil or something was wrong, all I know is it was clearly a fucking emergency and the fact that they turned him away due to him not having enough money is ridiculous and still has me angry and so heartbroken. 
I swear I am tearing just writing this. ;(
The nurse that was walking me in the back acted like she didn't even see or hear the guy and I know she did. As another nurse escorted the man outside. Everyone just gave him the cold shoulder. Took me a few minutes to process what just happened cause I was in totally disbelief at what I just saw.
I understand they can't just help anyone who claims to not have enough money to pay but come on!! The dog wasn't just sick, it was clearly a very serious situation and to turn away a dog like that is just fucking disgusting.
I already find these animal hospitals to all be scams anyway, more interested in making money than actually helping animals. Every time I go they charge me a bazillion dollars and aren't even sure what's wrong with the fuckin dog, they are basically guessing in my opinion same as our medical doctors do! Just ready to write you a script and send you on your way IF you got the money.
It's all about the Benjamin's baby! Sad but true!
I have a bunch of crazy stories about vet visits, there crazy diagnosis's and all the money out of our's RIDIC!
Heartbroken and sad over what I saw yesterday ;(


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Last night was fucking AWESOME!

My cousin Rodd, me and my brother Matt ; )

Last night I went to the Lil Wayne concert with the hubs my brother and my cousin and had the best time ever!! I actually caught a nice little high from all the smoke in that place and it was looooooooooooovely!
Also performed: Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj with special performances from Bird Man, Drake and others. All my favs, really couldn't have been any better. 

If I haven't mentioned before I LOOOVE Nicki Minaj. I didn't fall in love until I got her Pink Friday album on iTunes (iTunes Deluxe version has some bonus tracks). I LOVE EVERY SONG! I can play it over and over again singing every song, it's insane. Oddly I can relate to ever song LOL her lyrics are out of control.
The highlight of my night was when she pulled out her dick (a dildo) and pissed on em, not really pissed but you get the idea..(from her song "Did it on em") uh I just love her!

Rick Ross is the shit and not enough words to say about Lil Wayne ...LOVE! Uh and them all. I'm a lil gangsta girl at heart, hip hop always has been and always will be my favorite music. (FYI...I think I'm the only girl out of anyone I know and friends that NEVER turns the radio to country...just ain't my thang)

Anywho had a fuking blast last night.. BEST CONCERT to date!

Oh yea, if you could have seen all the hoochies and their outfits OMG BANANAS!

Speaking of here was mine ; )

White v-neck tee - VS Pink
Black skinny jeans - JBrand
Camel fringe boots - Christian Louboutin
Blue scarf - no name ?
White heart necklace - no name and OLD!
Bracelets - H&M I got in Barcelona
 Watch (yellow band) - Jacob Co

Jamie xx

Painted my toesies

MAC Hello Kitty - On the Prowl

I only did one coat cause I wasn't sure if I was gonna wear boots or not last night and I didn't want it to be too thick. With 2 coats it's a little darker grey obviously ; )

Jamie xx