Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Donkey Butt fashion

I'm 33 weeks pregnant, only 7 weeks to go! And let me just say 33 weeks pregnant isn't easy to look cute or get dressed in the morning. (keeping in mind I haven't bought any new clothes) It's safe to say that my ass has grown more than my belly has, the only pants that go over my hips are leggings and a few pair of my Juicy sweats so I've been wearing the hell out of them. I generally just wear them with a large Hanes t-shirt too which isn't helping the situation any, not the cutest look. Oh yea and my Gypsy maxi dresses, but honestly they are looking more like moomoo's these days. 

I finally went to the mall today and got a few things, not that anyone probably cares but haven't done a post like this in so long I figured I'd share :)

I didn't last long as my feet and back were starting to kill me and it's not that easy these days bending over to put on shoes let alone trying on clothes.
For those that are wondering I've gained about 30 pounds so far. I am suppose to gain a pound a week at this point so I'm assuming I'm going to gain about 40 total.

2 pairs of BP flats from Nordstrom to wear with leggings

3 tees from Norstrom that are long enough to cover my ass and stretchy on the sides for my growing belly, I got them in white, grey and pink. The brand is Caslon.

Maxi dress by Young Fabulous and Broke, looks a little different on me then the model obviously but it works :)

Louis Vuitton bag

I had my blessingway (baby shower) on Sunday, will post pics in a week or so when I get them back from the photographer. Until then here is a pic of my belly painting :)

Peace and Love,

Jamie xx

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TP for my bunghole!

A few years ago while working at an office a lady told me that it drives her nuts when people put the toilet paper on the roll the wrong way. I didn't know there was a right or wrong on to do so. I will admit at the time I thought she was kinda nuts, maybe it an OCD thing or something. But what do you know, it stuck in my head and now it drives me nuts when someone puts the toilet paper on the roll the wrong way!!

I figured I'd pass along this information and maybe get a few of you nutty about this as well LOL

The correct way in the above picture is B!

Right way - over!

Wrong way - under!


Peace and Love,

Jamie xx

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nail Polish Toxins!

I can't recall if I have mentioned the toxins that are in nail polish yet so if I haven't here it is........YES even nail polish has toxins in it! 
There are a few brands that are non-toxic and I have 3 favorite: Zoya, Butter and Deborah Lippmann. I haven't thrown away all my toxic nail polishes but I refuse to buy another and haven't in well over a year. I now only buy non toxic ones from my 3 favorite brands :)

My NON-Toxic Collection

The 3 main toxins that are in nail polish are as follows: Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalate.

Here are a few facts about these common toxic nail polish ingredients:    

Toluene is a human reproductive and developmental toxin. It may affect the nervous system with symptoms like tiredness, confusion, weakness, drunken-type actions, and memory loss. It is thought to cause liver damage and skin irritation. In high levels it may affect the kidneys. Toluene has been linked to birth defects in laboratory animals.

Formaldehyde is a carcinogen and a common indoor air pollutant because its resins are used in many construction materials. Formaldehyde has caused cancer in the nose and throats of lab animals. Inhaling the fumes can result in watery eyes, headache, burning in the throat, and labored breathing.

Dibutyl Phthalate
Phthalates are used to soften plastic, and are known to affect hormone function. Studies have linked phthalates to early puberty in girls and low sperm counts in men. Environmental groups claim phthalate exposure may contribute to the rising number of uterine problems in women and testicular cancer in men. It could also be one of the contributing factors to a rise in infertility in both sexes. Repeated and heavy exposure to dibutyl phthalate may cause nausea and/or vomiting, tearing of the eyes, dizziness, and headache. Long-term exposures may cause damage to kidneys and the liver. Pregnant women must consider that dibutyl phthalate may harm the developing fetus and the male testes.

Even when I go to the nail salon I bring my own polish, with my own base and top coat. I generally try not to even go to the nail salon these days, especially since I'm pregnant, the fumes in those place are redick!! I'm lucky to have found a manicurist that will come to my house. She actually cost pretty much the same as going to the nail salon so it works out. This way besides dealing with all the fumes and toxins, I don't have to worry about whose nasty feet were scrubbed with that foot scrubby before mine ect... GROSS!

Check out my 3 favorite non-toxic brands for more info:

Peace and Love,

Jamie xx

Baby Talk: To vaccine or not to vaccine, that is the question!

Last night I finished a lecture on vaccines. I went in to it knowing I was more on the not going to vaccine side but I wanted my husband to have a say in the matter as well so I signed up for a lecture on vaccines so he could get his own opinion on the subject. The first part of the lecture was last Monday, it lasted about 3 hours. The doctor went over every vaccine, the pros and cons, the history ect... this way you know exactly what each one is. The second part of the lecture which was last night was a viewing of a documentary that just came out called 'The Greater Good'. 
Amazing everything we learned. Not going to get in to our decision but I highly recommend all expecting and parents to get more informed on the subject. Gonna leave it at that. 

Peace and Love,

Jamie xx

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oh yea, I forget to add this in the last post (water)

Some great bottles I have and love for when I am out and about are:

(Clickable Link) Swell

And if your not a fan of stainless steel here are some glass

(Clickable Link) BKR

(Clickable Link) Takeya

Peace and Love,

Jamie xx

Water (update)

So awhile ago I did a post on water, bottled, filtered, tap, ect... and thought I would give you an update.

Since then I have purchased a distiller and have been bottling (in glass bottles) my own water. It's the purest and most cost effective way I have found. Distilling water removes EVERYTHING from the water even the good stuff (minerals) which is why some people might not think that distilled water is the best. Well that's why it's best to add the good minerals back to the water after you have distilled it which is what I do.

I'm not going to get into the importance of drinking good water in this post because I'm pretty sure I already have and in case I wasn't very clear IT IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT!! 
Not all water is created equal. Back when I was taking a Living Foods course here in Ft. Lauderdale we had a whole class on water, the teacher said that when all different bottled water companies were tested that Zephryhills was the worst, it is actually acidic. The best water is alkaline and if it's acidic you got problems, not to mention Zephryhills has the thinnest cheapest plastic bottle which is a whole other problem. They try and get you on the bottle by saying "Ecobottle" so you think they are doing something good for the environment by using less plastic, well not the case. Then a few months ago I was at a talk with David Wolfe and he mentioned that he had visited the Fuji bottling water plant and that they fill there bottles with water before they are even completely cooled which is also a bad bad idea. If the plastic hasn't cooled completely more opportunity for the plastic chemicals (BPA, ect..) to leak in the water. And let's just mention it's NOT from Fuji LOL.
Point being if you are drinking bottled water stay away from Zephryhills and Fuji and more importantly buy water that comes in glass bottles OR best yet distill your own and bottle it yourself like I do, saves you money, saves the environment and good for you!!

I have the distiller by H20Labs, it's stainless steel and has a glass carafe, it's Model 300SS, it cost $219 which if you think of the money you pay for all those plastic bottles it will pay for itself within a few months. This is what it looks like. 

It's really easy to use. All you do is fill up the canister with tap water, like so....

Put the lid back on, put glass canister underneath the spout and hit reset. Within a few hours (approx 5-6) you have a gallon of the cleanest drinking water.

I then add minerals to it and pour it into glass bottles

You have to rinse out the stainless steel canister after each use because it gets funky in there from all the gunk it has pulled out of the water but nothing crazy, just a few rinses with water and a wipe with a paper towel and it's good to go. Every 3rd or 4th use it's good to clean with the cleaning salts it comes with, again this is really easy and takes maybe all of 15 minutes.

Here is the link to the distiller I have Distiller - Model 300SS
The link to the minerals I add ConcenTrace Minerals a bottle will last atleast 6 months but really depends on how much water you make, I'm pretty much making water constantly since I drink alot and use it to cook with.

Here is a video to watch on The Story of Bottled Water which I think I've posted before but either way here it is again :) 

Peace and Love,

Jamie xx

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Snack Attack!

Yummy snack that also makes for a good lunch/dinner. Avocado open face sandwich - healthy, vegan, gluten free and mine is of course organic :)

Gluten free bread
Sunflower sprouts OR Arugula OR both!
Dijon mustard
Cayenne pepper
Celtic sea salt

My bread of choice is by Deland Bakery, a local bakery if you live in FL, and can be found at Whole Foods in the freezer section. I get the millet zuchini one.
If I can't get that my next choice would be Udi's Gluten Free Whole Grain

Lightly toast your bread of choice.
Then mash the avocado with a little bit of lemon and cayenne pepper, like so

Spread a little bit of dijon mustard on your toast then top with the avocado mash.
Then top with baby arugula or sunflower sprouts or both and a dash of celtic sea salt.
Wah lah! YUM!


Peace and Love,

Jamie xx