Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some BCBG love!

Went to wedding a couple weekends ago and this is what I wore. 

BCBG Gia Black and White Silk Striped Dress

It was actually a little big but they didn't have a smaller size so I ended up pinning the belt to make it smaller and it worked :D  Wish I had some better pics but I forgot to bring my camera ; /
The dress cost $499 but check it out..... I just found a size 0 on eBay for only $199!!!! If you love the dress better hurry, it's the only one I was able to find online and for the price it's a win! BCBG Gia Black and White Silk Striped Dress
Peace and Love,
Jamie xx

PS. Scott & Ilyse 8-13-11


  1. you look stunning jamie! your hair is gorg! what products do you use? sorry if you have mentioned it i might have missed it...

  2. Thanks! I use to be a Pantene girl but ever since I switched to more natural products that do not contain things like parabens I haven't been consistant with any one product or brand. Burt's Bees. Desert Essence, Say Yes to Carrots, Shea Moisture. Alba organics, ect..... John Masters argan oil too.

  3. If you ever want to sell this dress, I would gladly purchase it from yoU!!

  4. I'm still looking for this dress, all over EBAY and nothing. If you ever want to sell this dress please contact me at

    or at!