Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oops I did it again....

Have you ever been at the grocery store or Target or something and turn around for one second to turn back around and your shopping cart full of stuff is missing? 
Well it very possibly could have been me AH HAHAHAHAHA! 
Am I the only dumbass that does this, I swear I did it twice today, once at Whole Foods and once at Target. 
At Whole Foods I made it all the way across the store then looked in the cart and was like WTF!? Of course I played it off walking away from the cart like I was going to go grab something quick in the next aisle that I forgot really making my way back to find MY cart. This time I saw the lady who's cart I had stolen, she was pacing back and forth dumb founding wondering where the hell she left her cart. Oh my goodness I felt like such a dumbass. 
Then to just do it again later at Target. 

Nigh Nigh

Jamie xx

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So last night I went to a Hallelujah diet ministry. Sounds weird I know, let me explain. 

I've done alot of research on raw food, read alot of books and know the benefits and importance of eating raw foods. Not all raw foodist are vegetarians or vegans.

A vegetarian is one that does not eat any meat (chx, beef, fish, ect)

A vegan is one that does not eat any meat OR dairy (milk, cheese, eggs) not even honey (honey comes from bees which is an animal technically speaking)

The raw foodist that is not a vegan still has milk, cheese, ect.. but only RAW milk, RAW cheese...... which means it is not pasteurized and in it's raw, natural, unprocessed state.

In my opinion alot vegetarians aren't necessarily healthy because they still eat ALOT of processed foods!! Any diet where you eat Doritos, cookies, cereals, ect.... is not healthy!

The ideal 'healthiest' diet would be a diet consisting of mostly raw organic foods, no dairy and no processed foods! Not gonna get into why, just trust me IT IS! 

Eating raw foods isn't the easiest thing because unless you want to eat raw fruits and veggies all day which I don't think anyone does it means you have to get creative in the kitchen and have time to make (not cook) raw recipes.

Which by the way let me say that some raw dishes are some of the best food I've ever had, don't knock it till you've tried it. If you've never tried it and live in S. Fla go to 4th Generation in Boca and taste some raw for yourself. The eggless egg salad sandwich is to die for (no eggs no dairy all raw ingredients) try a brownie (raw non dairy) will be the best brownie you've ever tasted!!

I would prolly be a raw foodist if I lived closer to 4th Generation because making some of this stuff unless your really good in the kitchen doesn't seem to easy. As far as dairy goes I really don't eat too much dairy so that part isn't the difficult part for me, I really never drank too much milk and happen to like almond milk, don't like yogurt either. I like eggs and cheese though. But nothing I over do.

Well after last night, that was all I needed...NO MORE DAIRY FOR ME! And yes that includes cheese ... wah! Ok well I'm gonna try my best, but if you saw the video I saw last night I'm sure you would seriously consider eliminating dairy! I'm not gonna try and explain what I learned cause it's too much, let's just say dairy is not what it claims to be. No it's not a great source of calcium either, that's a lie! You need calcium have some kale, broccoli, bok choy, ect....

This post is not to hate on all you dairy lovers and try to convince you of how bad it is so sorry..back to the point!
The Hallelujah Diet..... this is a diet that consist of 85% raw, uncooked and un-processed plant based foods, 15% plant based foods cooked, no dairy, no processed foods! It's based on the scripture Genesus 1:29 from the Bible.  If your curious to learn more check out their website 
And check out this guys blog

Anyway again not trying to promote the Hallelujah Diet.. but a lot of people when diagnosed with cancer choose to not go with the chemo/radiation option and go to Hallelujah Acres in NC and go on this diet and change their lives. Ending up cancer free without chemo or radiation and all thru nutrition and changing their diet! 

Well one lady who did just this lives near me and every Tuesday night opens her doors for anyone to come and learn about this new way of life. The first hour is watching a DVD on a particular subject then the second hour in her kitchen eating all raw non-dairy foods she has prepared as she shows you how to make them yourself. I was wanting to go check one out because I wanted to actually see someone make some of these raw food dishes and see if they were indeed as difficult to make as they seemed. Each week it's a different subject, last nights was on dehydrated foods and how to dehydrate. Since I happen to have a dehydrator I wanted to go and check it out. Last weeks class was on non-dairy which I didn't go to but last night she showed the second half of the non-dairy DVD which is why I am going to eliminate dairy.

Anyway she made some AMAZING stuff with the dehydrator. When you dehydrate food you don't kill any of the enzymes or nutrition. It preserves it without preservatives.
Just fruit alone, when you dehydrate it it makes it like candy but healthy candy ; )

There was only one girl there that was a little younger than me, she was with her mom and knew the lady that holds the classes. I did however over hear her say to someone that she works for a natural body care company and how important it is to use natural skin care products. She said some companies use cow's urine in their shampoo as a bi-product WTF! I didn't speak up and ask for details...I was being shy! Maybe next time if I go back.

For $50 the lady will actually let you come to her house on a Saturday from 9-5 and make breakfast, lunch and dinner with her. Actually seeing someone do it makes it alot more easy.

Anyway I'll fill you on any dehydrated goodies I make.

I have a lot of new products I wanna do post on and I'm loving maxi dresses these past few weeks just keep forgetting to take pics. Still haven't done my eyebrow post either, saw a friend on FB last night saying...Bad idea to wax your own eyebrows after drinking red wine!! UH YEA! Bad idea! I can't stress how important eyebrows are, I let my go for 3 weeks, torture, never mind that's a separate post! Also I know I've been saying I'll do a video one of these days...well I've done alot and none of them turn out good, one was putting on makeup and due to the lighting you couldn't really see the difference in the video so that's something I still need to figure out.

While in bed writing this I've had the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda on and Josie Maran was on discussing her organic green product line and why she decided to start it. Today she is offering 20% off discount with promo code: TODAYSHOW ; )
Haven't tried anything from her line yet but here's the link if you wanna check it out.

Jamie xx

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Must have phone images!

Thought I would share a few images that I have in my phone. For times when your significant other, ex-boyfriend, ex-lover, or anyone pisses you the fuck off! You know when they do some dumb ass shit that leaves you wanted to smash their face in the fukn ground like something you saw on WWE, well... I try to "Keep Calm and Carry On" like the saying says LOL so generally I like to play the ignore your call then reply with a picture text like so.......

WARNING! This might not be for everyone (not for calm, quiet, timid, respectful, pushovers, woosies, scaredy cats, wimps, those that don't ever get mad, you get the idea)

But great for us bitches! ; )


Hahahaha I love being a smart ass bitch!

Jamie xx

Apple Cider Vinegar

Many people claim apple cider vinegar to be the "Wonder Drug". Unlike other vinegars apple cider vinegar, due to it's natural processing, contains more enzymes and minerals than any other vinegar. It is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, beta carotene, three different forms of Vitamin B, bioflavonoids, ect....and many minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, sulfur, iron, ect. 
All these ingredients help in fighting bacteria and reducing inflammation which is why it is claimed to be one of the best natural ACNE cures!!!
It is also claimed to be helpful with constipation, headaches, arthritis, weak bones, indigestion, high cholesterol, diarrhea..cha cha cha, eczema, sore eyes, chronic fatigue, mild food poisoning, hair loss, high blood pressure, obesity, along with many you can see this is why it is also none as the 'Wonder Drug'

Note: It must be the REAL apple cider vinegar, which of course is RAW , UNFILTERED and ORGANIC in order for it to be beneficial. It's not clear! It is a brownish color and you will see like some gunk floating in it, this is none as 'mother' and means it's of good quality with all the nutrients and health giving properties intact.

I have and use Braggs

Note: With The "Mother"

Different ways of consumption:
As a health tonic (drink) - Take 2 tablespoons of ACV to one cup water and drink. If your not a fan of vinegar then chug quickly LOL! You can add a little honey to it if you like, raw organic honey is best! 
They say it is best to do this first thing in the morning. Doing it first thing in the morning helps eliminate constipation, which is the cause of many diseases.
For acne, they recommend doing it first thing in the morning and right before bed and that you should see a difference in your skin in about 3 weeks with improved skin texture and leaving you radiant and glowing.
You can also use the ACV on salads as a dressing or as a base for a marinade for meats with an assortment of spices. 

For acne it can also be used as a face toner and spot treatment for pimples.
Face toner: Get an empty bottle (I used a travel size bottle I had laying around) and take one part ACV to 3 parts water. Apply this to acne to prone areas with a cotton ball, up to twice a day. Followed by a moisturizer as the ACV will dry up your face.
I just made a bottle of it yesterday but haven't tried it yet, I will let you know my thoughts on it, I'm hoping I doesn't make my face smell like vinegar, that wouldn't be cool ; /

As a spot treatment just take the toner mix and put on the tip of a cotton swab and dab on pimple, up to twice a day!

ACV is also known for getting rid of warts including difficult plantar warts on the bottom of the foot. Soak a piece of cotton with ACV and put on wart covering with a bandaid every night until gone. Time varies from person to person.

Braggs also makes these drinks with their ACV and I think they are great!

My favorite is the Apple Cinnamon, taste like your drinking an apple pie! ; )~

OK well just wanted to share, I'm gonna start doing the tonic every morning and before bed. I have been doing it most mornings since I got back from Spain but realized a few days ago I was only doing 2 teaspoons or less not 2 tablespoons like it says so...
Also do the toner every so often as long as it doesn't make me reek of vinegar, I guess if it did doing it at night would be the best option...
We'll see.....

Jamie xx

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sun visors!

I HATE visors! Not sure why...I just DON'T like them! I don't necessarily mind them at the beach or pool but when someone just wears one just to wear one is what I don't like, I find them dorky or something. Especially when guys wear them...ugh! I dated a guy once who ALWAYS wore them...won't make that mistake again LOL!

But the last few days I have been laying out by the pool I have been really wishing I had one to wear. Hats actually make me more hot and sweaty by keeping all the heat in your hat, so the fact of having just the brim of the hat especially on days that I just washed my hair seems perfect for laying out at my pool. I basically just want the brim of the hat (aka a visor LOL) but an EXTRA LARGE brim like I have seen some old ladies at the beach rockin in the past, so it covers my entire face.

Of course now that I want one I can't seem to find one (one with a huge brim not a regular visor). I thought for sure CVS or Walgreens would have them but they don't! 

So I started to look online.........
I found this one I actually really like, I would actually wear this one to the beach BUT of course it's $180!!! Ridiculous! I'll pass!

I'm really just wanting something really cheap that I can wear with no one around at the comfort of my own pool. A super obnoxious one would be ideal.

Like so...

HAHA really though, it does exactly what I want it for. Too bad this was just an image I found on the internet, no luck on where to buy this particular one. Pretty positive it's not Juicy Couture even though their logo is on it, obviously photo shopped LOL!

This one seems like the brim is 5in +but again can't find where to buy it online ; /

Basically the bigger the brim the better, this way my whole face will be covered from the sun. I found a website with a few that will do but as I sit here and think about it all I need to do is go to one of the shops on the beach, they gotta have em. 
Well keep you posted on what I end up with...hopefully a super cheesy one! I bet the dollar store might have some too.... LOL!

Hope your enjoying this beautiful face!

Jamie xx

Friday, March 25, 2011

Products Reviews!

Came across a great website that is all about makeup and products reviews from real people! 
Check it out

To read most of the reviews you have to sign up I realized, but it's free! 

Jamie xx

Thursday, March 24, 2011

For all my oily ass bitches - It's MAGIC! Egyptian Magic!

So I have figured out a few things about oily skin in my recent natural paraben free skin routine. 
Having oily acne prone skin I already know that if you dry out your skin with harsh products and don't moisturize your skin it will over produce more oil to compensate for you drying it out....not good! So most of us with oily skin will only moisturize with 'Oil Free' moisturizer and all skin care products must be oil free because we are told that oil is bad. 
Well really it's not bad, those with oily skin tend to have less wrinkles (fact)! The problem is bacteria + oil = acne so keeping bacteria away is the issue, easier said than done I know!
Well after purchasing my RMS beauty products and removing my makeup with the coconut cream I realized that I don't need to be scared of oil as long as they are raw organic natural oils. Synthetic oils are what we need to stay away from!!!
I recently bought 'Egyptian Magic' from they have a beauty section and a lot of natural organic products so this stuff caught my attention. I bought it thinking it would be used as a night time body lotion but oh my it's so much more than that.

Egyptian Magic probably has garnered more kudos in the fashion press than any comparable product in the world.
From Japan to Australia to Europe and the US, the Fashion Press agrees that Egyptian Magic is a "must-have" beauty and skin care product. It improves your complexion, heals scars, relieves many skin ailments, leaves your hair with a lustrous sheen, and more.

Kate Hudson uses it on her hair (well atleast People Magazine says so)

Anyway at night I take the tiniest amount and pat some at the corners of my eyes then take the rest and blend it all over my face. It feels lovely. Instantly calms my skin and makes it feel great! A little goes along way. I wouldn't use this on my face during the day, it would be too much BUT it's the perfect night cream! I SWEAR my face is less oily when I wake up when I use this stuff.
So I have come to the conclusion that my skin doesn't feel the need to produce oil when it already oiled up, if that makes sense ha!
I would never think in a million years I would be putting oils on my face, but I'm loving it and especially this stuff! 

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Beeswax, Honey, Pollen AND ROYAL JELLY!
   See my post on Royal Jelly - Be the Queen Bee, for all the amazing benefits of royal jelly.

I also take a little bit and rub it all over my body at night, I'm serious a LITTLE goes a long way!! 

I bought mine from Urban Outfitters online for $37 but I just found out they sell it at Whole Foods as well.
Here is the link to Urban Outfitters

And here is the link to Egyptian Magic
Check it out they have a bunch of testimonial videos of people raving about this stuff!

I also added it to 'My Store' under I have I love I use, it's $29.95

Do your self a favor and get your self some!!

Jamie xx

P.S I have a lot of new natural products I am LOVING! Can't wait to share them with you!


Howdy ya'll! Sorry I've been a lil MIA, but been my hubs has been out of town and I've been busy holding down the fort.
Saturday my cousin Carrie was celebrating her 30th bday at her house in Brooksville, FL, aka da boondocks! 
She recently moved back up there which totally sucks for me and most of her friends and family, we miss her! That's why I say #BooBrooksville, hopefully it will be a trending topic on Twitter one of these days, I'm hoping (I'm sure I'm not the only one either) that she will lose her mind up there any day now and say she is moving back ; ) (fingers crossed)
Anyway she decided to have a party at her house, even though we all live 4 hours away!!! (Geesh LOL) I drove up and back the same day by myself. Eminem, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne kept me company. Of course I got a speeding ticket though ; /

By the time I got off the FL Turnpike and heading to bumfuck I could have twitpic'd the whole time, it's a different world up there! 

After passing Withlacoochie (with la coochie) State Trail

And Withlacoochie River

I passed a donkey farm, so cute those lil donkey's are. They are for sale....I think I want one!!

Anyway finally made it to the birthday girls house, always good to see her and the fam...too bad she lives SO FRICKIN FAR!

Birthday girl with the infamous red velvet cupcakes from Fresh Market...yum ; )~


So I think we (me and all her friends) should cut off all communication with her, delete her from our FaceBooks ect..... so she loses her mind up there even quicker and moves back sooner rather than later.....what do you say friends?! Let's do this!



And those lil rugrats, UGH so dang cute!

Derek and Marley

If you have Twitter be sure to post a few #BooBrooksville every now and then ; )

Jamie xx

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dry Skin Brushing Tips

For those of you that went out and bought a dry skin brush after reading my 'Bye Bye Cellulite' are a few tips from Miranda Kerr's blog that were just posted about dry skin brushing.

Jamie xx

Best Health Advice: Go Organic!

Two great links to Jillian Michaels talking about the importance of organic!

Click link below to read article and watch video!

Click link below to watch video!

Video: Jillian Michaels gives props to organic, hemp during Expo West 2011 | Beverage content from New Hope 360

Thursday, March 17, 2011

eBay items

I listed a few things on eBay a little bit ago, incase you're interested ; )

Zipper back dress (worn once, had it drycleaned, drycleaning tag still on it)

As seen on Nikki Hilton & Nicole Richie

JET by John Eshaya Thrasher skinny jeans, size 0, color Dark Clean NEW WITH TAGS NEVER WORN

As seen on Kelly Bensimon from Real Housewives of NY

Hot Pink Hunter Boots, US Size 9, BRAND NEW IN BOX!

That's just a few of the things I listed that may be of interest ; )

Jamie xx


So today on my way home I see this guy riding his bike in my neighborhood, not sure where the hell he is going but I could not resist turning around and snapping a few pics...LOL! I mean really...he had on a RED cowboy hat!! 

He was on to me (LOL)

Me however, I had on a tan Ben Sherman fedora hat today that I got a few weeks ago at the new Nordstrom Rack in Boca, which by the way sucks! For guys they had some good stuff but for girls no! 

Hat - Ben Sherman
Black v-neck tee - American Apparel
Shorts - Siwy
Belt - I can't remember but you can't tell by pic but it's all neon colors with gold buckle
Gladiator sandals - Jessica Simpson

Yea yea taking pictures of myself is lame but I know alot of you want to see outfits so.... which speaking come I only have 10 of you following me...I know there are alot more of you!

Jamie xx

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dressing Room/Closet - NOT WINNING!

All I want to do is finish my dressing room and closet so it's functional, organized and somewhat cute! 
I had my dream floors put in when we moved in (black bamboo) BIG MISTAKE, a bitch to keep clean especially with my dogs! Painted the walls all white with mostly black furniture, got a big white fluffy rug for the floor and intended on getting a black chandelier, I still have a lightbulb in the ceiling ;( so the theme was gonna be black and white, clean and simple! 
I had to finally get rid of the big white fluffy rug due to my dogs that follow me around 24/7 and roll around, drool on, you name it...the rug turned grey QUICK no other choice but to get rid of it it was gross! 
In the past 2 weeks I have rearranged the furniture about a gazillion times all just to put it all back where I started. Won't even get into the different configurations I had all the furniture in and why each one won't work.
After taking down all my calendars and pictures from the one wall it looked too bare so I decided I didn't want white walls anymore.........ok great! NOT!

First I decided on a black on black damask wall paper, like this one they have in the Sanrio Hello Kitty store in NY

Then after searching for the wall paper for a few days I realized with all black furniture and black wood floors it was gonna be too much black and too dark. Even though I LOVE this look..... Change of plans!

Next.. considering I have a chair rail in the center of the walls what about hot pink walls and black trim like this

Then realized again with all black furniture and black floors it might not look as good as the pic. In the pic they use white accents and a light greyish floor. Plus I read once that pink especially hot pink isn't a good color for a room where you do your makeup cause it will bring out all the pink/red tones in your face, which I already have a blotchy enough looking face so prolly not the best idea of for me and the reason why in my old dressing room I decided on a bright blue for one of the walls not pink!

Next......I'm still wanting black for some reason so what about this

Ok so AGAIN, not the best idea with black floors and all black furniture so then I thought since it's not like I have expensive furniture in there anyway what if I bedazzle all the furniture which will reduce all the black!
OK so realizing this isn't the most logical idea.....on to the next one.....UH

Next.... something like so?! Just paint the top part of the wall above the chair rail the hot pink and fuck it if it brings out the pink/red tones in my face!

Went to Home Depot, got a sample of some hot pink paint and a bunch of the sample color swatches. When I got home I taped all the color swatches on the wall before painting a section to see if I even wanted to waste my time doing so....of course I couldn't decide! Took a shower and when I got out my lovely husband decided to surprise me and paint a section of the wall. Not the section I would have chosen but of course not LOL

The sample swatches under the chair rail then above the chair rail the section my hubs decided to paint!

Not really feeling this pink, I'm afraid if I did the whole room in this I might HATE it in a few days! (I'm soooooooo indecisive!!! ffffffff)

I decided I needed a break! That night though I remembered seeing pics of BetseyJohnson's (who I LOVE) pink apartment which I had saved the pics of......

So she has black floors, alot of black furniture with some silver, which I have a few silver pieces and a lighter pink....seemed do-able!
Back to Home Depot, got samples of 2 lighter pinks, painted a section of the wall 

Not feeling it!!!!! Feel like I'm in a little girl's room room ;( WTF! 

Oh yea I decided to bedazzle the plug wall plate thing and OMG I wanted to kill myself at that glad I didn't start doing the furniture LMAO! The wall plate looks friggin retarded! Obviously I suck at bedazzling ah hahahaha

I'm still wanting to bedazzle some furniture though...ain't gonna lie. Just can't decide on plain silver bling, pink, multi color jewels that have hearts and stars and stuff OR even get some japenese cabochons charms!

Ok maybe not.....I'll hold off on that before I go nuts!

I'm now thinking no pink what about bright purple?! You ever see the Bad Girls Club house, I LOVE all the bright colors on the walls and stuff! 
I already have too much purple in other areas of the house though ; / 
Fuck it at this point I'm gonna just go with a rainbow brite theme and do every wall a different bright color...I wish I had a glitter gun and could just spray glitter all over the fucking place, fuck it!!!!!!!! 

In all honesty I originally originally wanted to drape the walls in tulle similar to Barbie's room in her house!

Pic is really of Barbie's it ; )

I think my best bet is to leave it as is for awhile....light bulb in ceiling and all LOL

Sorry for the annoying post but I had to vent! 
I'm sure some of you are thinking 'uh dumb bitch and her dressing room' PSH


I mean really....what do you think I do all day?!



 ; )~

Jamie xx