Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer comfort!

Light, loose and comfy is the way to go during the summer, especially here in Florida where it has been hella hot. 
I got these cotton loose pants, the ones with the roll over waistband. The brand is Mai Tai but when I looked online to get a good pic to show you I couldn't find them. I'm sure plenty of brands make a similar pant, these I just happened to get at a little boutique by my house. I loved them so much I went back and got some more in different colors. They are PERFECT for fat days LOL or when you just ain't feeling your daisy dukes ; )

Anyway, worst picture ever but I'm sure you get the idea and honestly I'm sure a lot of you have some as they are nothing new, been around forever.

I pair them with oversized tees I got from UrbanOutfitters

You then end up with a look like this

Outfits like these are good for days when you haven't washed your hair in awhile either, it goes with the look, I think I was going on 
day 5...  BAH HAHAHAHA!

New hat and sunglasses from BCBG

Link to UrbanOutfitters oversized tees - UrbanOutfitters

Link to BCBG - BCBG accessories

Peace and Love,

Jamie xx

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