Monday, September 26, 2011

60 second homemade vanilla (banana) ice cream!!!

I just made homemade vanilla ice cream in 60 seconds. Best of all, low fat, low calorie, vegan, gluten free!! Ok well technically it's banana ice cream but taste like vanilla ice cream to me.

*Note: I made 2 servings!!

Here is what you need for 1 serving:
1 banana, frozen (cut into quarters is best)
2-3 Tbsp Mimiccreme Sweetened Creme Substitute 
              (they make an un-sweetened one too)
1 packet of stevia - OPTIONAL

Process all ingredients together in a food processor until smooth and enjoy! If you don't have a food processor a good blender will work. 

I found the Mimiccreme Sweetened Creme Substitute at WholeFoods by all the nut milks in the dry grocery aisle not where the cold nut milks are.

Anyway PLEASE do yourself a favor and make this, I promise it won't disappoint!
My husband loved it too and had a great idea, make some No Pudge! Fudge Brownies to go with it. I make my No Pudge! brownies with applesauce so those are dairy free as well.

I did a post on No Pudge! Fudge Brownie mix a while back, if you don't recall check it out HERE

Peace and Love,

Jamie xx

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