Friday, January 28, 2011

Fat Free All Natural Brownies!

Next time you go to make brownies try No Pudge Brownie Mix. They are fat free, all natural and taste just like regular ones. You just mix with  yogurt or applesauce. The first time I ever made them I made them with applesauce....they were DELICIOUS! I was shocked how good they were, even the batter taste like regular brownie batter. I made them again yesterday and this time I made them with yogurt, they taste the same either way...YUM! My husband even loves them, keeping in mind he doesn't know they are fat free and all natural LOL if he did I'm sure he wouldn't be as enthused about them ; ) So go get a box and DON't tell your hubby or kids they are healthy and I bet they won't even know the difference!

Try them with yogurt (instead of using vanilla yogurt which is loaded with extra sugar I used plain yogurt and added 1 tsp of vanilla)

OR try them with applesauce


Jamie xx

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