Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baby Talk: To vaccine or not to vaccine, that is the question!

Last night I finished a lecture on vaccines. I went in to it knowing I was more on the not going to vaccine side but I wanted my husband to have a say in the matter as well so I signed up for a lecture on vaccines so he could get his own opinion on the subject. The first part of the lecture was last Monday, it lasted about 3 hours. The doctor went over every vaccine, the pros and cons, the history ect... this way you know exactly what each one is. The second part of the lecture which was last night was a viewing of a documentary that just came out called 'The Greater Good'. 
Amazing everything we learned. Not going to get in to our decision but I highly recommend all expecting and parents to get more informed on the subject. Gonna leave it at that. 

Peace and Love,

Jamie xx

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