Friday, April 8, 2011


So yesterday I had to take Buster and Tito to the vet, as I was walking in to see the doctor and man was walking out holding his maltese who had a cone around his head. I thought he must have just picked him up from surgery or something when I saw the cone but no! As he passed me he says "Hope you got a lot of money cause if not they ain't gonna help you!" As he walked away I saw his dogs face, completely covered in blood, I'm talking thick fresh blood covered this poor dogs face, kinda looked like one of it's eyeballs was popped out a lil or something was wrong, all I know is it was clearly a fucking emergency and the fact that they turned him away due to him not having enough money is ridiculous and still has me angry and so heartbroken. 
I swear I am tearing just writing this. ;(
The nurse that was walking me in the back acted like she didn't even see or hear the guy and I know she did. As another nurse escorted the man outside. Everyone just gave him the cold shoulder. Took me a few minutes to process what just happened cause I was in totally disbelief at what I just saw.
I understand they can't just help anyone who claims to not have enough money to pay but come on!! The dog wasn't just sick, it was clearly a very serious situation and to turn away a dog like that is just fucking disgusting.
I already find these animal hospitals to all be scams anyway, more interested in making money than actually helping animals. Every time I go they charge me a bazillion dollars and aren't even sure what's wrong with the fuckin dog, they are basically guessing in my opinion same as our medical doctors do! Just ready to write you a script and send you on your way IF you got the money.
It's all about the Benjamin's baby! Sad but true!
I have a bunch of crazy stories about vet visits, there crazy diagnosis's and all the money out of our's RIDIC!
Heartbroken and sad over what I saw yesterday ;(


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