Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today is D day!

D for DETOX!

So where to begin...hmm
I guess I'll start with my skin and ACNE! Like I've said before I've been dealing with this for as long as I can remember. First memory being in 6th grade and an 8th grader named Josh who supposedly had a crush on me saying "Jamie has more pimples than Carter has pills" I gues cause I didn't like him back IDK either way obviously I had pimples then. I'm almost 30 and still have them, this is RIDICULOUS and I am so sick and tired of it being the story of my life.
I honestly can't remember one time was face was ever really clear and that's sad. Most of my friends might not agree but that's because they always see me with makeup on which does wonders I might add so if I didn't have huge cystic ones at that moment than with makeup it might not look like I have a problem but oh trust me I do!
I don't think anyone who hasn't experienced  acne could truly understand. Back when I modeled it really sucked always having to get my makeup done and having acne, so humiliating and REALLY hard to try and act pretty/sexy for the camera when you feel like zit face. I would never go to set with a fresh face like they asked, I always put on concealer and a little powder, to get there and them be like 'wait why do you have face makeup on?' then they would have to wipe it off and OMG I would just want to crawl in hole and die ;(
Over the years I've done EVERYTHING possible from birth control pill, antibiotics, peels, lasers, you name it I've done it. Thousands of dollars wasted!!

Lately considering how healthy I've been (minus the few Oreo and Hoho situations) I'm starting to really think something is wrong. I do know acne is inflammation. So why the hell is my body in constant inflammation. Regardless of the acne, inflammation is not good, it weakens your immune system and is the cause for disease. 

I've read a lot of books on skin, diet, nutrition, raw foods, cleansing, ect... in the last year in a half. 

Not to mention all the books I read sitting at the book store and online.

I've done the Isagenix cleanse a few times (which is a great cleanse by the way) and did Dr. Perricone's 28 day challenge all to still see no change in acne. My actual skin looked  great but still getting cystic acne and pimples. 

This past month I've been juicing alot and eating super clean, my face still pretty much the same then all of a sudden last week I was getting bumps all over...ALL OVER! I do notice my face will start to feel hot like it's boiling usually before a bad breakout and I am itchy alot and get frequent sinus headaches. I started thinking it had to be from allergies, most likely a food allergy. Allergies cause inflammation in the body. So last week went and had some allergy testing done.

They tested for molds, dust, pollen and foods. I only cared about the food.

Majorly allergic to ragwood and cat dander and of course no food ; /

Ok so kinda gotta rule out the food allergy. 

Started reading a new book that just came out by Kimberly Snyder, The Beauty Detox Solution. It's about cleansing your body, but doing so all the time by eating really clean, mostly raw but not all, food combining, ect.... in return your body can spend more energy on making you beautiful and healthy. She brings up candida overgrowth and if one might suspect they have it (there is no real test to find out) they should stick to her first phase of the plan for a minimum of 1 -3 months before moving on the next phase to make sure you have gotten rid of this candida overgrowth. No matter what you do you will never be able to reach your potential and really be healthy if you have candida overgrowth.  This is not the first time I've learned about candida overgrowth, back when I had the bout of severe panic attacks I thought at one point that could have been the cause. Anyway the more I think about it today still I am honestly believing I have this to some degree and have for a long time and no not just because of my acne!

Here is a link to what exactly is it

It is not by any means easy to get rid of it so the thought of not being 100% sure you even have it and going thru what it requires to get rid of it is NUTS! 

Here's what a candida diet consists of and would have to be followed for at least a month then 'some' not all foods can be gradually introduced back into your diet as this really is a life style change and struggle for those who suffer with it to not let it come back.

Anyway at this point I am willing to do anything as my one last try at this (my acne). I've been doing the healthy thing for a little while now anyway and always wished I had the will power to really be fully committed to no sugar, processed foods, ect.. so either way acne or not I AM DOING THIS!

I've read plenty of books on detox/cleansing and it can be scary, lots of things can happen when you wake up all those toxins in your body and don't properly get rid of them, which is kinda what I think I've been doing this past month and why my face right now is extra zitty! Not to mention my chest and back which was never a problem really in the past, extra groggy and spacey lately too.  

SO today is the day I start my beauty detox. It is by no means gonna be easy and trust me I am not at all thrilled about doing so. This for me is going to be a life style change though, not just gonna do this for a month then go back to eating whatever. Well for the most part LOL that's the plan anyway ;) 
For 30 days I am going to 'really' amp up the cleansing process by the following:
Lots of yoga
Dry skin brushing
Jumping on trampoline
Soak in baths with aromatherapy oils
Infared saunas
Hot n Cold Plunging
Colon Hydrotherapy aka colonics which no I have never done one before and SCARED as hell but gotta do whatcha gotta do, I'll be sure to fill you in on that when I go thru with it LOL

Diet for 30 days consists of:
NO fruit except lemons/limes, tomatoes, avocados and cucumbers (for atleast 30 days, then can gradually add it back to my diet)
NO dairy
NO wheat/gluten
NO sugar or artificial sweeteners (which means no gum)
NO caffeine
NO canned or microwaved foods (I don't anyway)
NO unfermented soy products (which is everything soy pretty much)
NO packaged or processed foods
NO table salt
NO alcohol
Limited amount of oil
Nuts only a couple times a week
Green veggie juice for breakfast
Salads or veggies for lunch
Dinner always start with a salad and must be vegan at least 4 times a week
Alot of proper food combining is involved as well which makes it even more difficult.

For instance when I juice I always atleast add an apple or pear, it makes it drinkable otherwise it's gross. Plus I make it into a smoothie by adding a little protein powder which makes it taste even better which now is a no no! I just had my first juice without any fruit or protein powder and it was very difficult to get down ;(

This should be interesting.....this is only Day 1 and it's not even over yet..29 more to go!

Jamie xx

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