Monday, April 4, 2011


Just in case you are mistaken due to all the health posts and what not

I DO EAT JUNK FOOD! I wish I didn't BUT I do. I try my best not to knowing how bad it is for you but when it's in your house it's hard not to cave to it's sugary deliciousness! 

My husband is not into all this eating healthy stuff and has to have Oreo's and HoHo's stocked at all times. Cookies, cakes, sugary cereals, ect... you name it!

I have a horrible habit of waking up at 6/7am to go pee and going to kitchen and eating something. So some mornings, rare but some, I go straight for an Oreo or HoHo or late at night when he is out there eating his late night peanut butter sandwich with Oreo's and a HoHo I will grab a few Oreo's then later usually sneak out there and have a damn HoHo too, ugh honestly I don't really like them, it's the sugar.........sugar is sooooooooo 

Don't really do that too often these days but I did have 4 Oreo's last night and 2 HoHo's, then this morning had another 5 Oreo's, this morning I had that fuck it I had them last night attitude so I'll have some more. DUMB! LOL grossed me out though, NOT gonna do that again (for a while anyway - hopefully hehe) Not really for diet weight reasons but for health reasons...YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT and considering I am trying really hard to eat super clean to see if I notice any changes in how I feel and see changes in my skin that was just dumb.

Point I am trying to make is I AM NOT PERFECT and didn't want any one to think that I think I am.

If it wasn't for having it in my house I don't think I would ever eat that stuff but that ain't ever gonna happen so it's all about self control. Gotta get me some of that LOL!
You wanna know a lil sick secret?! Back in the day maybe 7-8 years ago when we dated and I was trying to diet and always working out is when I noticed I had no self control and couldn't not eat all the junk food in the house. It got so bad I asked him to lock it up some how, of course he thought I was nuts! I was and since he just laughed I went and bought a toolbox with a lock on it and put all his junk food in that! Ah hahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha OMG just thinking about that is friggin nuts! That didn't last long though, he would get annoyed having to unlock a toolbox everytime he wanted a cookie or something and would start bitching at me how I needed some self control which I clearly did! 
Any addiction is about self control...drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, SUGAR! It's amazing even when we wanna stop doing something sometimes we just can't, our will power just isn't strong enough to just say no! I too have struggled with drug addiction which maybe I will get into another time in another post..but until then I am very happy and proud to say I have been drug free for a little over 2 years... YAY!

Anyway another beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Happy Monday! ; )

Jamie xx

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