Saturday, April 2, 2011

Overnight Acne Treatment

FINALLY a spot (pimple) treatment that actually works!!! I am LOVING this stuff!!
A few weeks ago when I ordered the Egyptian Magic from I also ordered this acne spot treatment. 


$22 (also added it to 'My Store')
*FYI..I will add everything I blog about (products anyway) in 'My Store', don't want to keep having to say that, I feel like I'm selling something and I'm not!!! 

It's AMAZING!!! Totally different from anything you've ever used I'm sure. Kinda hard to describe. Basically the top of the jar is a clear liquid then the bottom portion in the white sediment, looks like you would shake the bottle but you don't!! You dip a cotton swab in the sediment then dab on pimple. It's like acid but doesn't hurt like I imagine acid would, if that makes sense.

No makeup, ready for bed!
It's white so not meant to be used during the day, only overnight.

Best yet, it's NATURAL ; ) which I just gotta say so far I am loving all my new all natural  beauty regimen. I've taken it way beyond just paraben free, but you'll have to wait to hear. 

 INGREDIENTS: active sulfur, salicylic acid, organic camphor and zinc ioxide

Here is the link to MALIN+GOETZ Acne Treatment

Jamie xx


  1. Acne is a serious skin problem and needs a lot of attention, time and effort in treating it. There are a lot of treatments out there but there's no assurance if it would perfectly remove all those acne away. Treatments for each sufferer may vary, so we cannot say if a treatment may work on one, it may also work on others.

  2. Of course, we are all different and there is no ONE product that will work on everyone. Besides, I never said this was an acne treatment, just a "spot" treatment. This just happens to be one that I like...after all it's my blog, my thoughts my opinions my life!

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