Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So today I discovered a new drink that is low cal and full of probiotics, similar to the GT's Kombucha but way better tasting. 


KeVita is a probiotic drink derived from kefir cultures that enhances beneficial digestive flora with more than 20 billion active probiotics at time of bottling. For centuries, kefir was traditionally cultured in milk and made into a healthy, flavorful beverage similar to yogurt. Today, KeVita uses its proprietary process in creating a dairy-free organic drink.
KeVita's new flavors include Lemon Ginger, Matcha Green Tea, Living Greens, Original Coconut, Coconut Mango and Coconut Strawberry Acai; each available in a 16-fl. oz. bottle.

I got the original coconut one. They have a slight alcohol content due to the fermentation process just like kombucha :) Bought it at Whole Foods


Jamie xx


  1. Hi Jamie, so glad you discovered KeVita! Thought I would mention that the Coconut KeVita flavors contain no added sugar and are lightly sweetened with stevia. KeVita is not fermented like kombucha, though is made with our Certified Organic KeVita Culture which is our fermented culture. Please visit for more info. Thanks much for writing about KeVita!
    Chakra Earthsong, KeVita, Inc.

  2. Thanks for clarifying : ) great stuff, can't wait to try the other flavors!