Monday, April 18, 2011

Scrub a dub dub!

For all coffee lovers, cellulite sufferers and anyone who wants soft glowing skin.

A super easy do it yourself 'organic' body scrub, all you need is...

100% Organic Jojoba Oil  
I like and use one by Desert Essence

Organic Coffee
Any organic brand is fine just make sure it is not decaf!

I have a small glass bowl in my shower that I just pour a little bit of coffee into before I get in, then before I get out of the shower I squirt in enough of the Jojoba oil to bind it all together, not too much though. Then just scrub a dub dub! The smell is lovely especially since I don't drink coffee anymore it gives me my fix! I feel like the coffee gives me a little color too, not like a tan just a nice glow. Also exfoliates and makes my skin oh so soft, no need to put lotion on after the shower ;) I know normally you would exfoliate then shave but with this I do the opposite this way once I'm done I just rinse off then get out of shower nice and soft, don't want to shave off my nice layer of jojoba oil, not that it would prolly make much difference but it's just how I've been doing it.

Anyway caffeinated coffee when applied as a body scrub especially to thighs is known to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite ;) If you check most cellulite reducing firming lotions on the market most will have caffeine as one of the ingredients. 
Not too mention all the benefits of the jojoba oil, I will do a post on that another time, I love the stuff, waaaaaaaaaaaay better and better for you than any Neutrogena body oil or Palmers body oil.
You could always use olive oil too!

The best part of wakin a jojoba coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee scruuuuub! LOL

Jamie xx

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