Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hale to the Kale!

*Yes I know I spelled hale wrong, but it looked better ;)

Ok so weird post for a Sunday morning, I meant to do it last night but couldn't put down a new book I got and since this morning I missed the 10:30 hot yoga class I wanted to do ;( I figured I would post this now!


First off let me say that I was NEVER a salad person until I made this one, I make this pretty much EVERY night AND my husband (who is def not a salad person) LOVES it too, everytime he eats it he's like mmmmmm this shit is soooo good yum yum yum yum yum!
No joke! So do your self a favor PLEASE!! Even if you are not a salad person, go get the ingredients and make it, if not tonight sometime this week, you won't regret it!

I know a lot of you may have never had kale and actually a lot of people I know don't think they will even like kale until they try it. I've had many friends come over and be like...huh kale, I don't like kale it's too bitter..then they try my salad and LOVE it! Kale is actually not bitter, it's arugula that is a little bitter.

OK first let me go over a few things about kale for those that have never had it before. And if you know all about kale then just scroll down to the recipe ; )

Kale is the richest of the greens in the phytochemical lutein. Known mostly for its prevention of eye disease, lutein is now thought to be more protective against cancer than beta-carotein. Kale is also one of the highest sources of antioxidant flavonoids which help ward off heart disease and regulate blood pressure. Kale is loaded with calcium, more than milk, and extremely rich in vitamin A which is essential for visual and immune functions. One cup of kale has as much vitamin C as an orange. That's just to name a few....

There are 3 different types of kale:

On the left is the Lacinato kale or aka Dino kale, this is the kale I use for juicing.
In the middle is the red/purple curly kale
On the right is the curly kale, I use the curly kales for the salad.

INGREDIENTS: Try and get organic if you can ;)
1 bunch of curly kale
Red onion
1 Hass avocado

olive oil and/or flax seed oil (flax seed oil is not needed)
Braggs Liquid Aminos

Fill up sink with water, wash kale, lay on paper towels then cover with paper towels and pat to dry. Remove stems but just tearing the kale away from the stems.
I wash my kale and do this right when I get home from store then store it in a large ziploc bag, this way when I am ready to make my salad I just grab some out the bag. 1 bunch of kale makes about 2-3 large salads. Also sometimes I buy a carton of the already washed 'organic' spinach or the 1/2 spinach 1/2 arugula and throw a little of that in and then the bunch of kale will last longer ; )

Ok so grab your salad bowl, throw in some kale.
Slice some cucumbers, throw them in.
Slice a little red onion, throw that in.
Cut open the Hass avocado, slice, throw that in. (Use the whole avocado)
Then it should look something like this

Note: I used a little red curly kale in this one

Now it is ready for the dressing.
Squeeze about a 1/2 a lemon or less over it.
Drizzle some olive oil over it AND flax seed oil if you have it (if not no big deal, you won't taste the difference anyway)
Then spray the Braggs Liquid Aminos on it.
You want to get it nice and wet, should look like so...

Note: I sprinkled Hemp Seeds on mine in this photo

Then you are going to take your chef knife that you cut your cucumber, onion, ect with and a fork and cut the salad and all it ingredients to small bitable pieces while also mixing everything together. You want to make sure you mix the dressing in really good coating all the kale and ingredients while cutting. Takes some arm muscle, kale can be tough so you want to really cut it up, cut till you just can't cut any longer LOL

End result

This salad will full you up unlike most salads. Girls don't be scared of the avocado because they are full of fat, they are GOOD fat and so good for you. I eat an avocado everyday ; )

My advise would be to go to a Whole Foods or a Fresh Market to get all the ingredients. I'm pretty sure the Braggs Liquid Aminos is not sold at regular grocery stores but idk I could be wrong. 
Braggs Liquid Aminos are great on other things as well, it's like an alternative soy sauce so you can use it on sushi rolls, ect... and is way better for you than soy sauce. You might be thinking sauce in my salad dressing?! I know sounds weird but it is DEEEELICIOUS! This is what it looks like, get the small one in the spray bottle!

Like I've said before my husband does NOT care for 'healthy' stuff so if he LOVES it I'm pretty sure your family will too, kids too.

Obviously as with all salads there a million variations so play around with it, this recipe is just the main base for you to start with. I sometimes will add tomato and I use to always add Parmesan cheese, not the powder kind but the fresh block one and slice nice pieces of it and throw that in YUUUUUUUM!  But now that I'm not doing Dairy I omit it and it's still just as good ;)

I can't stress how healthy it is for you too! 
(FYI...... NEVER buy iceberg lettuce it has NO nutritional value what so ever!)

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Peace and Love.

Jamie xx

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