Thursday, April 21, 2011

No excuses to not go organic - Annie's Organic Buying Club

By now I have pretty much stressed my thoughts on the importance of 'ORGANIC'.

I know the main reason a lot of people don't buy organic is because it can be more expensive. 
Well no more excuses people, tomorrow is Earth Day, do your part and sign up for Annie's Organic Buying Club - making organics affordable for everyone!

Let me kinda explain what it is...
Every city/town, well most cities/towns mainly in Florida, have buying coordinators. The buying coordinator is where you go to pick up your share. A share is your box full of organic fruits and veggies. Buying coordinators are everyday regular people that get the truck load of produce dropped of at their house then they organize each person's specific share, so you pick up from their house, if that makes sense LOL. Anyway you can pick from a variety of different types of shares, for instance if you only want fruit and not that many veggies than you pick that one, or if you only want to get one every 2 weeks not every week then chose that one. You'll have to go to website for more info to see what I am talking about. Shares range from $20-$45

I personally get the half share every 2 weeks and it cost $35.

This is what my box looked like a few weeks ago

Stacked full and filled to the brim

Today my share looked like this (Note: I told them no fruit for a month so this one has no fruit, veggies only!)

There is a lot more in there than it may look ;)

Another great thing is say you don't like tomatoes, then you just put "No Tomatoes" in the note section on the sign up page and you can change it any time so if there are things you don't want you won't get.
Another great thing I like about it is it somewhat forces you to change it up or try new things. A lot of the stuff I get I normally wouldn't buy at the store but not because I don't like it necessarily just because we all sometimes get stuck in a rut and tend to buy the same things. Every time you pick up your share you receive an email that morning telling you what's in your share and an attachment with a ton of recipes. For instance if your share has artichokes in it that week, there will be a ton of recipes with artichokes.
Everything is organic and fresh from the farmer, so no middle man (ie: grocery store) that sprays gases on the stuff to keep it fresh longer. This is the freshest way to get your fruits and veggies and with most, if not all, being as local as possible which is also really important!

Check out the website and sign up! 

Off to some hot yoga ; )

Peace and Love

Jamie xx

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