Friday, May 6, 2011

Food storage containers....(and yummy chips)

So I'm sure most of you have heard that plastic containers could quite possibly be dangerous aka bad for our health. This is why a lot of companies now put BPA free on their products. Well it's not just BPA we should be worried about. 

As far as the plastic containers you have now and use, here are a few things you can do to eliminate and reduce BPA and other toxic chemicals from leaking into food:

  • Don't heat polycarbonate plastic containers....To find out if plastic is polycarbonate, look at the bottom of the container for an imprinted small triangle with the number 7
  • Use plastic food containers made from ployethylene or polypropylene. They don't leak BPA. These are imprinted bottom triangles that have numbers 1, 2, 4 or 5
  • Don't use cling wrap in the microwave! (Better yet, try not even use the microwave)
  • Don't put plastic food containers (or baby bottles) in the dishwasher. Wash them by hand!
  • Throw out OLD plastic containers. As plastic containers age they release more chemicals.
  • Don't use scratched-up plastic containers. Again, damaged plastics may leak more chemicals.

Either way not gonna bore you with all the studies and research on it but I highly recommend switching as many of your plastic food storage containers to glass ones. They aren't really expensive, especially considering they will last forever and not bad for your health! 
I bought a few the other day at Publix. Two were by Pyrex and a couple by Anchor, they come with airtight lids. 

The one on the left is by on the right is by Anchor, oddly enough same look!

These are also by Anchor, I think they were like a dollar more or something.

Anyway the real reason for the post, not just the dangers of plastic but how impressed I am with the airtight lid.
Let me explain.... I have 2 different brands of food storage designed to keep air out, which  in return food last longer. 

One is an actual vacuum pump system that sucks the air out.

Comes with a dial and all so you can set the date on it so you know how long it's been in the fridge or whatever the case may be. But bulky and kinda annoying always having to plug in the vacuum thing..yada yada yada!

The other one is one you push down on and then push the plug seal thing in, hard to explain but this is it.

Anyway point is...they are plastic, I'm sure BPA and what not but I got them a couple years ago so not 100%.
So yesterday I made fresh guacamole and decided to keep some leftover but in one of my new glass containers instead of one of these and I'll be damn!
If you know fresh guacamole, you know that it is really hard to keep it leftover as avocado oxidizes due to air so it will start to brown. Doesn't mean it's bad but just turns color. Even in my above plastic container pumping the air out doesn't keep leftover guacamole green.
I woke up this morning and check it out......GREEN fresh looking guacamole!

Anyway besides how amazing these glass food storage containers with airtight lids are AND how yummy my guacamole is...... I came across these Gluten Free multigrain tortilla chips made with Flax, Quinoa, Sesame and Chia seeds with sea salt, all good for you and OMG they are YUMMY! Literally I got them yesterday and today the whole bag is gone, I ate them ALL! LOL!

If your gluten free or just want to make healthier choices these are the way to go! I bought them at Publix, in the healthfood section not the chip section!

Peace and Love,

Jamie xx

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