Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So the other day on my FB page I asked what kind of water do you drink? I was curious what everyone else's why.........

Lately, I have had to go to the store more frequently to buy my bottled water and the shit ain't cheap. I feel like I'm there once a week and get a case of 24 16oz bottles and a case of 12 1liter bottles, totals $50! Everytime I go I think geese this is nuts to be spending this on water and not to mention a pain having to go stock up every week. 
During my last colonics, my colon hydrotherapist asked if I was drinking good water. I said "yea I think so, I drink Penta (Ultra-Purified Water)!" She said "well that doesn't necessarily mean anything, after all it's in a plastic bottle". 
Good point I thought, ok so what to do then. She recommended a water ozonator. There are quite a few on the market but she said no need to spend a crazy amount of money and that Nature Klean makes a great one for about $275. Alot of these systems can cost up to a couple of thousands of dollars.

Of course I came home and told my husband we needed one ASAP! The money we spend every month on bottle water will pay for this thing in no time. I won't have to go to the store every week and stock up AND most importantly less waste, yes I recycle them but it still saddens me to see my recycling bin fill up so quickly with just empty water bottles alone...shameful actually.
I started to do some research on the water ozonators and it got me thinking, what is everyone drinking? I feel like I'm the only one at the store with my cart filled with bottle water WTF! Are they drinking tap water they filter thru a Brita filter pitcher thing? Do they all have water coolers and just get the 5 gallon jugs delivered? Surely they don't drink tap water?! 

Well duh! A lot of you responded with... the water from their refrigerator filter. 
See in my new house we don't have one, I have this huge commercial type fridge so it doesn't have one so I forgot fridges have those DURH! My old house had one but I would NEVER drink out of it because I didn't trust the pipes/tubes it came out of, yea I know it's filtered but the fridge was there when I moved in so in return I didn't trust it LOL. 
Stupid now that I think about it! Whatever call me a pre-madonna, I'm picky!
As for a 5 gallon water cooler, yes I do have one. It's an old one and is the water my dogs drink, even they don't get tap water LOL OMG I'm nuts! 
I don't really trust that thing either though, plus it's Zephryhills and I HATE Zephryhills water. Their bottled water is the yuckiest, you can literally taste the plastic from the bottle. All of them suck really, I use to drink only Figi and even Figi started to taste plasticy. Evian and Volvic are better. Too bad Penta doesn't make 5 gallon jugs!!

Ok now that I sound like a total bitch HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm taking more of this plastic bottled water, it's nuts! I will get a Brita pitcher and fill it with tap water until I figure something else out. Not to mention the money I will be saving! And the planet!

Everything happens for a the midst of my research I came across this.......WATCH!

Also check out this site for more info on what to do, testing your tap water, ect.....

Here is the link to the Nature Klean water ozonator if anyone is interested 
I will most likely be getting one of these and if and when I do I will be sure to tell you all about it.

Peace and Love,

Jamie xx

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