Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Diet tips...for those trying to lose some weight!

For those that a trying to lose a few pounds I thought I would share a few tips..

1. First thing in the morning drink a pint of water. Even better....drink a cup of warm water with a half of a lemon squeezed in it then drink the remaining amount of water!

2. Stop drinking empty calories!! Only drink water! I know water can be blah most of the time so when you need something else or craving a soda drink seltzer water, they have good natural flavored ones on the market too.

3. Limit eating out to once a week, twice a week tops! Atleast until you get to your goal weight. I swear this will make a huge difference. Plus you'll save some $$$

4. In return make sure your fridge is stocked with healthy choices. Lots of veggies! 

5. Try to limit your sugar intake. Make the switch to stevia, it's the only natural no calorie sweetener! You can sweeten anything with it, comes in powder and liquid forms.

6. Try and eat my kale salad recipe atleast 2 nights a week for dinner. You can make the whole recipe just for yourself, it's alot and will be satisfying unlike most salads! 

7. If your a pasta lover, switch to quinoa pasta. It's way better for you and has some protein in it!

8. If you love salty things, switch to Celtic sea salt or Himalayan pink sea salt. It's loaded with minerals unlike regular salt and is actual good for you. I've actual been making zucchini and squash chips with my dehydrator, sprinkled with a tad bit of olive oil and some Celtic sea salt and they are YUMMY, the closest thing to potato chips but without the guilt.

9. Curb sweet tooth cravings with apples especially love apple chips! It is actually not a good idea to have fruit after you've eaten a meal like as a dessert. Think about it, fruit is the quickest thing to digest, if you eat fruit after you've eaten a meal let's say chicken and veggies which takes a lot longer to digest, the fruit is gonna get stuck behind the chicken and veggies and end up basically rotting in your digestive system. LOL thats the short to the point explanation, point is you should always eat fruit on an empty stomach or before a meal never after!

10. I hate saying this one BUT chew gum! Helps a ton with cravings. Even after a meal when you then crave something sweet just grab a piece a gum instead of dessert ; ) OR even better go brush your teeth!!

11. Take a digestive enzyme and probiotics!! Magnesium before bed is also really good for digestion.

11. Get active! If anything.. WALK. Even better wake up earlier than you normally have to (hard I know, but it's all about will power) and go for a fast walk, before breakfast! Atleast 30-45 minutes. Stand nice and tall when you walk, hold belly in tight and swing those arms, it makes a huge difference!

12. Walk around naked!! In the privacy of your own home of course. If you have kids or something then a bikini or short short shorts and a small tank. It is the motivation you will need, trust me! LOL

13. Last but not least....Limit your alcohol consumption! 

14. Thought of another.....Don't inhale your food...chew slowly! If you inhale your food your body hasn't even had a chance to fully process the fact that you just ate and has a harder time digesting everything properly in return you will be hungry again sooner too. Chill out and chew slow!

Those are just a few off the top of my head....

Peace and love,

Jamie xx

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