Sunday, May 8, 2011

I believe.....

I believe everything happens for a reason, and more and more everyday. I honestly would have never thought in a million years that today I would be where I am today and the person I am today. I mean I am the same person inside but I'm talking about other things. 

Last night my dad was over and I was showing him my washable produce bags and stopped and started to laugh at myself and thought geese what a dork, I've become this organic green girl and really passionate about all this health stuff. 

Being passionate about anything is a huge thing for me. I recall a little over a year ago going to see this life coach lady, my holistic doctor thought it would be a good idea for me to go in hopes of helping resolve the root to my anxiety attacks. 

The first thing the lady wanted me to do for her was tell her what I was passionate about....I was kinda stumped, I wasn't sure. I did know then that I was pretty interested in a lot of this health stuff after what I call being 'saved' by my holistic doctor but not necessarily passionate. 
I would answer with things like sewing and fashion, my dogs, life in general. She didn't really like any of my answers, she said "ok so you go to bed thinking of those things and wake up thinking about them, they drive you, they motivate you?".
Ok, not really but I had nothing else.... she asked me again and again like I was magically gonna all of a sudden come up with something, this went on for a little over an hour, it was one of the most torturous annoying hours of my life. 
To top it off I was told to keep eye contact with her the entire time...UGH..I couldn't wait to leave!! 

I actually felt worse when I left, a little depressed. I felt bad about myself like what the heck I'm not passionate about anything?! 
After talking to a few friends, they reassured me I wasn't alone and to forget about the weird experience I had just had...who the heck was that lady really anyway?! I don't "need" to be super passionate about one thing in life, I was happy and to me that's all that mattered.

Well now I kinda get it, I truly believe in some crazy way that those panic attacks I had last year were meant to be. They led me me to where I am today that's sure. Passionate about something! I feel like I have a purpose. 
Also led me to enroll in school, that alone is cray cray, I gotta be REAL PASSIONATE about something to want go thru school ..LOL! MIght actually make a career out of this! I'm in the middle of doing a business plan for a business I want to start and who knows what else. Either way I'm going along for the ride and enjoying every minute of it. 

Heck I even have these stupid pimples that have plagued me forever to thank. Because of them I've been on a mission alone to figure out WHY, why me....and during that mission all the other things about health/diet/life I've learned along the way are truly amazing and I know have all happened for a reason so yes for that I am grateful. Yes even these stupid pimples all over my fuckin face that I hate so much have taught me so much....hahahahaha so crazy I'm saying that .. WTF!

But ya know what....... I'm pretty crazy and it's my crazy life and I LOVE IT!! 
What's meant to be will be..EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!

I look back and reflect on my life and WOW I really have had an amazing life. I never knew it at those times but looking back it's pretty fucking amazing. Even those times of heartache and stress and blah blah blah I wouldn't trade them for anything, they've made me who I am today and if you ask me I'M PRETTY FUCKING AWESOME! hahahaha geese my head seems to be getting bigger ; )~

I've done a lot of crazy shit, been a bad bad girl at times but always had fun doing it and have NO REGRETS! I'm glad I did all that I did cause now with where I am today I know that I really didn't miss out on anything cause I've done it all...BEEN THERE DONE THAT! 
Nice knowing ya know and on to the next chapter of my's pretty green and organic looking these days I must say HA! Seriously who would have thought?! Not me!

Point of the post ..... I never intended for this blog to have so much health related stuff but considering I will be starting school this week I'm sure it will only get worse ;) I hope if anything I inspire some of you to make some changes in your own life...healthier ones of course! I will be overloading you with lots of information...what I like to call 'tips and tricks' to happier healthier greener life. After all...ONE LOVE....ONE LIFE...LET'S GET TOGETHER AND FEEL ALL RIGHT! "Bob Marley" 

PS. By no means I am saying my life is perfect and all happy happy joy joy all the time. But whatever it is, IT IS WHAT IT IS! YOU LIVE AND LEARN, it's LIFE!

No worries...not EVERY post is gonna be about relax! ; )~

Peace and Love,

Jamie xx

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