Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Naturally Beautiful...

In all the books I have read over the last couples of years, whether about physcology, beauty, health, diet, they all agree on the same thing...

To insure a lifetime of healthy, vibrant good looks and an energetic body, a real natural beauty, there are 7 key things you must observe and maintain in your lifestyle.

  • Daily cleansing
  • Maximal nutritional intake
  • Regular consumption of water
  • Regular elimination of internal AND external toxic buildup
  • Daily movement
  • Moderate exposure to sunlight
  • Sound sleep

1.Daily Cleansing: (obviously!)
     Because your skin in constantly excreting wastes and shed-ding dead
skin debris, daily cleansing is a must. ALWAYS wash your face and body before bed!

2.Maximal nutritional intake: (YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT)
     As Americans we are often overfed and undernourished. Eating a diet high in white processed flour, fatty meat and cheese, excess sodium, trans-fatty acids, preservatives, white sugar, minimal fiber, and artificial  coloring you will continue to suffer from lack of energy and vitality and have a variety of aches, pains, and illnesses. It directly affects how we look...lifeless hair, brittle nails, dull skin, ect...
*remember if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got!


Not sure how many of you realize this yet but the majority of todays processed foods is not made or raised for that matter, for the benefit of our health but for corporate profits!! Messed up and hard to believe at times but it is what it is!

To maximize your nutritional intake you should consume daily a wide variety of foods in their whole, natural, preferably organic, unprocessed state. Plenty of posts to come on this matter :)

3. Regular consumption of water: 
     Water keeps your skin plump and hydrated and nutrients flowing to your newly forming skin, hair and nail cells. Your body literally can't function without water. It lubricates every part part of your body.
You cannot be beautiful, energetic and healthy without  sufficient water intake. It's a fact that a dehydrated person ages prematurely and is exhausted.

4. Regular elimination of internal and external toxic buildup:
     Your skin serves as the interface between your inner and otter self. To keep both detoxified and comfortably functioning, regular removal of bodily wastes must take place via internal elimination (pooping) and the routine removal of such deposits from the top layer of your skin (dry skin brushing).
Pooping - you should be pooping AT LEAST once a day, technically only pooping once a day is considered constipated!! Increase your fiber, take probiotics, digestive enzymes and magnesium, whatever else you gotta do to POOP!
Dry skin brushing - If you haven't my post on Dry Skin Brushing - Bye Bye Cellulite

5. Daily movement:
     Regular exercise increases lymphatic flow and circulation, improves digestion, stimulates your metabolic rate and the process of waste removal from the internal organs and skin, and delivers a surge of oxygen to your body, invigorating every organ and allowing your skin to take on radiance.
FACT: Daily exercise is vital to your emotional well-being. It is a natural antidepressant.
If you can try and exercise in the fresh air and sunshine as often as possible and vigorously enough so that you work up a good sweat. Sweating cools your skin and eliminates waste through your pores.

6. Moderate exposure to sunlight:
     This does not mean baking in the sun for hours. All living things..plants, animals, and people NEED at least a little sunshine in order to thrive and survive. Moderate sun exposure is good for you in numerous ways. 30-45 minutes daily of unprotected exposure to sunlight early in the morning or in the very late afternoon are best. 

7. Sound sleep:
     Nighttime is the right time...for renewal and those hours when you sleep are the vital hours your body repairs and rejuvenates.
It's not a coincidence it's also known as BEAUTY SLEEP!!

* All statements were quoted from a collection of books! It's not like I make this shit's FACT! Get with the program!! : )~

Peace and Love,

Jamie xx

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