Sunday, May 1, 2011

Round 2!!

So today was round 2 of my colonics and OMG let me just tell you it was AWESOME!
I woke up feeling pretty negative about the whole thing, I felt like the same thing was going to happen like the first. I wanted to see old stale shit flowing thru the tube not just piss out of my ass for 5 minutes after the fact.
Well my negative thoughts and feelings had no impact on how today went. 
Within about 10 minutes she said.."oh look, you see that? It's mucus" and sure enough as I watched the water flowing thru the tube I saw some mucus float thru....when I say the tube, this is the tube you watch all the gunk float thru...NOT the tube connected to my ass LOL ; )

Anyway so I was like...."mucus?!" She says mucus is what you want to see, not just poop, it's a good thing not bad! Mucus can stick to your colon walls and rot there for who knows how long, poop flows right past this nasty shit leaving it there to rot...UH GROSS! 

As we chatted it up more and more mucus was coming out then next thing you know this shit was flowing, not just mucus but poop and lots of it! So much I started singing .... Let it flow let it flow let it flow!   (Flow instead of snow....the Christmas song)

Anyway it would come and go, at one point she says "oh see that, that's your liver dumping" uh ok...LOL it was bile, which again she says is a good thing.

We talked about a bunch of stuff and I realized this lady is super interesting and knows her stuff! I like her alot! We were connecting on a bunch of levels, those weird "it's meant to the right place at the right time" spiritual kinda stuff. 

We ended the session discussing my mom!! A very touchy subject for me as I have not talked to my mom in a long time and don't ever plan on talking to her ever again. I'll maybe get into that another time but it was really great to get this lady's thoughts on the situation and sure enough as I explained the situation with my mother to her I was releasing massive amounts more shit (when I thought I was done), it was kinda like instead of getting it off my chest I got it out of my stomach where I had been holding it in. Such a release in all the terms. Someone even knocked on the door to say hey your next appointment is here what the hell you doing in there...LOL we were in such deep conversations and I was just shitting away we lost track of time!!

I want to mention that to be truly healthy it's not just by eating healthy things and your diet, it's all aspects of your life that effect your life! Health is just a piece of it!

Anyway as I got dressed, oh yea I did still shiterdone in the bathroom too, I was feeling GREAT! I felt like I could have skipped home, felt at peace, hard to explain but it was such an experience. 
As soon as I got in the car and reflected on all that had just happened I started to ball my eyes out, like literally crying so bad I couldn't barely drive. I called my dad to tell him all about it and of course couldn't even talk cause I was crying so bad, he hung up on me at one point cause he didn't know I was phone since I wasn't able to talk, barley breathe for that matter. 
When he called back he finally got the hint that I was crying, I would do that cry but try to laugh thing cause in a way it was a good cry. I obviously needed to get it out and wow did I ever! 
After hanging up with my dad I had a 30 minute drive ahead of me to get home and I cried the whole way home...listening (blasting) Bob Marley the whole way too, I haven't cried like that in a LONG time and it felt good! I feel lighter in every sense of the word! 

Everything about my experience today was AWESOME. 

Everything and I mean EVERYTHING in life happens for a reason and I see and believe it more and more everyday! 

Peace and Love,

Jamie xx


  1. You are so funny... next time I'm in town you're taking me to one of these nasty shitholes cause I wanna feel as great as you make it sound! & if you ever need someone to talk to, you know I've got a lil bit of experience in that field ;) xoxo

  2. LOL well there is no guarantee you will feel as great as I did, afterall the first time wasn't as amazing! Everyone will have a different experience every time. I guess it all depends on what you 'release'!!! ; )