Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oops I did it again....

Have you ever been at the grocery store or Target or something and turn around for one second to turn back around and your shopping cart full of stuff is missing? 
Well it very possibly could have been me AH HAHAHAHAHA! 
Am I the only dumbass that does this, I swear I did it twice today, once at Whole Foods and once at Target. 
At Whole Foods I made it all the way across the store then looked in the cart and was like WTF!? Of course I played it off walking away from the cart like I was going to go grab something quick in the next aisle that I forgot really making my way back to find MY cart. This time I saw the lady who's cart I had stolen, she was pacing back and forth dumb founding wondering where the hell she left her cart. Oh my goodness I felt like such a dumbass. 
Then to just do it again later at Target. 

Nigh Nigh

Jamie xx

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