Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So last night I went to a Hallelujah diet ministry. Sounds weird I know, let me explain. 

I've done alot of research on raw food, read alot of books and know the benefits and importance of eating raw foods. Not all raw foodist are vegetarians or vegans.

A vegetarian is one that does not eat any meat (chx, beef, fish, ect)

A vegan is one that does not eat any meat OR dairy (milk, cheese, eggs) not even honey (honey comes from bees which is an animal technically speaking)

The raw foodist that is not a vegan still has milk, cheese, ect.. but only RAW milk, RAW cheese...... which means it is not pasteurized and in it's raw, natural, unprocessed state.

In my opinion alot vegetarians aren't necessarily healthy because they still eat ALOT of processed foods!! Any diet where you eat Doritos, cookies, cereals, ect.... is not healthy!

The ideal 'healthiest' diet would be a diet consisting of mostly raw organic foods, no dairy and no processed foods! Not gonna get into why, just trust me IT IS! 

Eating raw foods isn't the easiest thing because unless you want to eat raw fruits and veggies all day which I don't think anyone does it means you have to get creative in the kitchen and have time to make (not cook) raw recipes.

Which by the way let me say that some raw dishes are some of the best food I've ever had, don't knock it till you've tried it. If you've never tried it and live in S. Fla go to 4th Generation in Boca and taste some raw for yourself. The eggless egg salad sandwich is to die for (no eggs no dairy all raw ingredients) try a brownie (raw non dairy) will be the best brownie you've ever tasted!!

I would prolly be a raw foodist if I lived closer to 4th Generation because making some of this stuff unless your really good in the kitchen doesn't seem to easy. As far as dairy goes I really don't eat too much dairy so that part isn't the difficult part for me, I really never drank too much milk and happen to like almond milk, don't like yogurt either. I like eggs and cheese though. But nothing I over do.

Well after last night, that was all I needed...NO MORE DAIRY FOR ME! And yes that includes cheese ... wah! Ok well I'm gonna try my best, but if you saw the video I saw last night I'm sure you would seriously consider eliminating dairy! I'm not gonna try and explain what I learned cause it's too much, let's just say dairy is not what it claims to be. No it's not a great source of calcium either, that's a lie! You need calcium have some kale, broccoli, bok choy, ect....

This post is not to hate on all you dairy lovers and try to convince you of how bad it is so sorry..back to the point!
The Hallelujah Diet..... this is a diet that consist of 85% raw, uncooked and un-processed plant based foods, 15% plant based foods cooked, no dairy, no processed foods! It's based on the scripture Genesus 1:29 from the Bible.  If your curious to learn more check out their website 
And check out this guys blog

Anyway again not trying to promote the Hallelujah Diet.. but a lot of people when diagnosed with cancer choose to not go with the chemo/radiation option and go to Hallelujah Acres in NC and go on this diet and change their lives. Ending up cancer free without chemo or radiation and all thru nutrition and changing their diet! 

Well one lady who did just this lives near me and every Tuesday night opens her doors for anyone to come and learn about this new way of life. The first hour is watching a DVD on a particular subject then the second hour in her kitchen eating all raw non-dairy foods she has prepared as she shows you how to make them yourself. I was wanting to go check one out because I wanted to actually see someone make some of these raw food dishes and see if they were indeed as difficult to make as they seemed. Each week it's a different subject, last nights was on dehydrated foods and how to dehydrate. Since I happen to have a dehydrator I wanted to go and check it out. Last weeks class was on non-dairy which I didn't go to but last night she showed the second half of the non-dairy DVD which is why I am going to eliminate dairy.

Anyway she made some AMAZING stuff with the dehydrator. When you dehydrate food you don't kill any of the enzymes or nutrition. It preserves it without preservatives.
Just fruit alone, when you dehydrate it it makes it like candy but healthy candy ; )

There was only one girl there that was a little younger than me, she was with her mom and knew the lady that holds the classes. I did however over hear her say to someone that she works for a natural body care company and how important it is to use natural skin care products. She said some companies use cow's urine in their shampoo as a bi-product WTF! I didn't speak up and ask for details...I was being shy! Maybe next time if I go back.

For $50 the lady will actually let you come to her house on a Saturday from 9-5 and make breakfast, lunch and dinner with her. Actually seeing someone do it makes it alot more easy.

Anyway I'll fill you on any dehydrated goodies I make.

I have a lot of new products I wanna do post on and I'm loving maxi dresses these past few weeks just keep forgetting to take pics. Still haven't done my eyebrow post either, saw a friend on FB last night saying...Bad idea to wax your own eyebrows after drinking red wine!! UH YEA! Bad idea! I can't stress how important eyebrows are, I let my go for 3 weeks, torture, never mind that's a separate post! Also I know I've been saying I'll do a video one of these days...well I've done alot and none of them turn out good, one was putting on makeup and due to the lighting you couldn't really see the difference in the video so that's something I still need to figure out.

While in bed writing this I've had the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda on and Josie Maran was on discussing her organic green product line and why she decided to start it. Today she is offering 20% off discount with promo code: TODAYSHOW ; )
Haven't tried anything from her line yet but here's the link if you wanna check it out.

Jamie xx

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