Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday morning online shopping!

Good Morning!

Sunday mornings for me are usually spent in the bed with my laptop ONLINE SHOPPING!

2 of my fav sites to browse and the two that I have been on this morning are and

I may have mentioned these before but not sure....

Karmaloop alone will take hours...soooooooooo much stuff. I usually start by going to 'Girls New'

Cusp I love cause they have a great section 'Looks' which gives you great styles idea and puts a whole outfit together, check it out

You could be an online 'window' shopper too LOL! You have no idea how many times I have put together an awesome shopping cart and let it sit there for days with 95% of the time not ever purchasing it and just X'ing it out. Sometimes it's a good thing because a few days later when I go back and look I'm like nah I can live without.

For instance I've had a shopping cart up from Patricia Field for a week now

Item Number: 866239
Size: M

Item Number: 866653
Size: Small

Anyway sorry I've been MIA, been a wacky past few days, will fill you later...gotta get my ass up FINALLY convinced the hubs to go do a little shopping and then we have an event to go to later.

Jamie xx

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