Monday, March 14, 2011

Manac Monday with The Life Regenerator!

So not sure if you all read my post 'Tramps' on mini trampolines/rebounders but one of the videos I put up was of 'The Life Regenerator' guy! I came across him and all his videos while in my hotel room in Spain, he is out there BUT knows his shit when it comes to health, raw foods, detox, ect.....

Anyway I thought I was nuts! LOL This is one of those videos you'll just be like WTF hahahaha........sooooooooo retarded you gotta laugh! It worked though, I subscribed to his videos AND am his friend on FaceBook now! LMAO

If your not already my friend on FaceBook, it's under Jamies Blogforgirls...friend request me ; )

Happy Monday!

Jamie xx

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