Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dressing Room/Closet - NOT WINNING!

All I want to do is finish my dressing room and closet so it's functional, organized and somewhat cute! 
I had my dream floors put in when we moved in (black bamboo) BIG MISTAKE, a bitch to keep clean especially with my dogs! Painted the walls all white with mostly black furniture, got a big white fluffy rug for the floor and intended on getting a black chandelier, I still have a lightbulb in the ceiling ;( so the theme was gonna be black and white, clean and simple! 
I had to finally get rid of the big white fluffy rug due to my dogs that follow me around 24/7 and roll around, drool on, you name it...the rug turned grey QUICK no other choice but to get rid of it it was gross! 
In the past 2 weeks I have rearranged the furniture about a gazillion times all just to put it all back where I started. Won't even get into the different configurations I had all the furniture in and why each one won't work.
After taking down all my calendars and pictures from the one wall it looked too bare so I decided I didn't want white walls anymore.........ok great! NOT!

First I decided on a black on black damask wall paper, like this one they have in the Sanrio Hello Kitty store in NY

Then after searching for the wall paper for a few days I realized with all black furniture and black wood floors it was gonna be too much black and too dark. Even though I LOVE this look..... Change of plans!

Next.. considering I have a chair rail in the center of the walls what about hot pink walls and black trim like this

Then realized again with all black furniture and black floors it might not look as good as the pic. In the pic they use white accents and a light greyish floor. Plus I read once that pink especially hot pink isn't a good color for a room where you do your makeup cause it will bring out all the pink/red tones in your face, which I already have a blotchy enough looking face so prolly not the best idea of for me and the reason why in my old dressing room I decided on a bright blue for one of the walls not pink!

Next......I'm still wanting black for some reason so what about this

Ok so AGAIN, not the best idea with black floors and all black furniture so then I thought since it's not like I have expensive furniture in there anyway what if I bedazzle all the furniture which will reduce all the black!
OK so realizing this isn't the most logical idea.....on to the next one.....UH

Next.... something like so?! Just paint the top part of the wall above the chair rail the hot pink and fuck it if it brings out the pink/red tones in my face!

Went to Home Depot, got a sample of some hot pink paint and a bunch of the sample color swatches. When I got home I taped all the color swatches on the wall before painting a section to see if I even wanted to waste my time doing so....of course I couldn't decide! Took a shower and when I got out my lovely husband decided to surprise me and paint a section of the wall. Not the section I would have chosen but of course not LOL

The sample swatches under the chair rail then above the chair rail the section my hubs decided to paint!

Not really feeling this pink, I'm afraid if I did the whole room in this I might HATE it in a few days! (I'm soooooooo indecisive!!! ffffffff)

I decided I needed a break! That night though I remembered seeing pics of BetseyJohnson's (who I LOVE) pink apartment which I had saved the pics of......

So she has black floors, alot of black furniture with some silver, which I have a few silver pieces and a lighter pink....seemed do-able!
Back to Home Depot, got samples of 2 lighter pinks, painted a section of the wall 

Not feeling it!!!!! Feel like I'm in a little girl's room room ;( WTF! 

Oh yea I decided to bedazzle the plug wall plate thing and OMG I wanted to kill myself at that point....so glad I didn't start doing the furniture LMAO! The wall plate looks friggin retarded! Obviously I suck at bedazzling ah hahahaha

I'm still wanting to bedazzle some furniture though...ain't gonna lie. Just can't decide on plain silver bling, pink, multi color jewels that have hearts and stars and stuff OR even get some japenese cabochons charms!

Ok maybe not.....I'll hold off on that before I go nuts!

I'm now thinking no pink what about bright purple?! You ever see the Bad Girls Club house, I LOVE all the bright colors on the walls and stuff! 
I already have too much purple in other areas of the house though ; / 
Fuck it at this point I'm gonna just go with a rainbow brite theme and do every wall a different bright color...I wish I had a glitter gun and could just spray glitter all over the fucking place, fuck it!!!!!!!! 

In all honesty I originally originally wanted to drape the walls in tulle similar to Barbie's room in her house!

Pic is really of Barbie's house...google it ; )

I think my best bet is to leave it as is for awhile....light bulb in ceiling and all LOL

Sorry for the annoying post but I had to vent! 
I'm sure some of you are thinking 'uh dumb bitch and her dressing room' PSH


I mean really....what do you think I do all day?!



 ; )~

Jamie xx

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  1. OMG!!! Dying laughing at the "Jam out with my clam out" You are Craaazyyyy!!! LOL