Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sun visors!

I HATE visors! Not sure why...I just DON'T like them! I don't necessarily mind them at the beach or pool but when someone just wears one just to wear one is what I don't like, I find them dorky or something. Especially when guys wear them...ugh! I dated a guy once who ALWAYS wore them...won't make that mistake again LOL!

But the last few days I have been laying out by the pool I have been really wishing I had one to wear. Hats actually make me more hot and sweaty by keeping all the heat in your hat, so the fact of having just the brim of the hat especially on days that I just washed my hair seems perfect for laying out at my pool. I basically just want the brim of the hat (aka a visor LOL) but an EXTRA LARGE brim like I have seen some old ladies at the beach rockin in the past, so it covers my entire face.

Of course now that I want one I can't seem to find one (one with a huge brim not a regular visor). I thought for sure CVS or Walgreens would have them but they don't! 

So I started to look online.........
I found this one I actually really like, I would actually wear this one to the beach BUT of course it's $180!!! Ridiculous! I'll pass!

I'm really just wanting something really cheap that I can wear with no one around at the comfort of my own pool. A super obnoxious one would be ideal.

Like so...

HAHA really though, it does exactly what I want it for. Too bad this was just an image I found on the internet, no luck on where to buy this particular one. Pretty positive it's not Juicy Couture even though their logo is on it, obviously photo shopped LOL!

This one seems like the brim is 5in +but again can't find where to buy it online ; /

Basically the bigger the brim the better, this way my whole face will be covered from the sun. I found a website with a few that will do but as I sit here and think about it all I need to do is go to one of the shops on the beach, they gotta have em. 
Well keep you posted on what I end up with...hopefully a super cheesy one! I bet the dollar store might have some too.... LOL!

Hope your enjoying this beautiful face!

Jamie xx

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