Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My favorite foundation!

As you may already know I've been on a more natural paraben free makeup regimen these days! And even before that I rarely ever wore foundation. (I don't consider tinted moisturizer or mineral powder a 'foundation') I'm talking about liquid or cream foundations!

But when I do it's Rain Cosmetics, Perfect Cream Foundation in Tropical! It's the BOMB!

Today I was having one of those days where I was feeling "EXTRA" ugly....uh hate when that happens LOL!

Anyway I hadn't used my Rain foundation in a long time and hadn't applied it with the Beauty Blender yet either. 

WOW! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! I didn't even have to apply any concealer or set it with powder and it still looks flawless, without looking over made up.

Rain Cosmetics has a bunch of other products I love, another one being her lip gloss!
Check out Rain Cosmetics here http://www.raincosmetics.com/default.asp

When I say 'her' I am referring to Rain, she is actually a friend of mine and celebrity makeup artist. You may have seen her in the background of a few episodes of Holly's World doing makeup. She did my makeup for my wedding in the Bahamas too!
And NO that's not why I'm saying I love her line (cause she's my friend) it's cause I REALLY DO! You'll have to get some and see for yourself ; )

Jamie xx

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