Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Foundation Application

Foundation Application
Hands vs Foundation Brush vs Sponge

For the last couple years, since I started using tinted moisturizer instead of foundation, I was applying with my hands. Quick and easy, never had any problems. I wouldn't use my hands though when applying foundation but for tinted moisturizer it's ok.

For a foundation brush I had been using a cheap one from Walgreens, plus it comes with a concealer brush on the other end so it's a 2 in 1, works great!

Then a couple months ago when I was in Sephora I bought their Airbrush Foundation #55 and I LOVE IT!! Definitely gives an airbrush look and I noticed a big difference when I used it even applying my tinted moisturizer with it. It cost $34

I was neever really a big fan of the sponge, especially after reading what Scott Borba had to say about them in his book 'SkinTervention', you'll know what I'm talking about if you read my post 'Germaphobe'

Then when I was in Spain I saw in a magazine this new sponge called the Beauty Blender which came with a cleaning solution which was meant to be cleaned after each use, that's what got my attention. Besides that it is suppose to be the best sponge for applying makeup due to it's shape which will leave an airbrush finish as well. I decided when I got back in the States I would buy it. While I was in Spain we passed a Sephora so I went in hoping to find it and buy it (they do sell it at Sephora), but they didn't have it. They did however have there own version of it. Which of course I bought ; ) It cost $12

Seemed to work OK but from what all the makeup girls I watched on YouTube were saying was that nothing compared the actual Beauty Blender so I still went online and bought it. 

Yellow one on left is Sephora's   Pink one on right is the Beauty Blender

And I agree the Beauty Blender is better, it's awesome! I bought the kit so I got 2 sponges and the cleaner solution and sponge holder. 

The kit cost $39.95 
If you wanted just the sponge, one single sponge cost $19.95

Here is the website for The Beauty Blender so you can check it our for yourself, they have  videos on there as well you can watch ; )

You can also go to YouTube and type in Beauty Blender in the search bar and a bunch of makeup tutorials with it will come up ; )

Jamie xx

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