Thursday, March 24, 2011


Howdy ya'll! Sorry I've been a lil MIA, but been my hubs has been out of town and I've been busy holding down the fort.
Saturday my cousin Carrie was celebrating her 30th bday at her house in Brooksville, FL, aka da boondocks! 
She recently moved back up there which totally sucks for me and most of her friends and family, we miss her! That's why I say #BooBrooksville, hopefully it will be a trending topic on Twitter one of these days, I'm hoping (I'm sure I'm not the only one either) that she will lose her mind up there any day now and say she is moving back ; ) (fingers crossed)
Anyway she decided to have a party at her house, even though we all live 4 hours away!!! (Geesh LOL) I drove up and back the same day by myself. Eminem, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne kept me company. Of course I got a speeding ticket though ; /

By the time I got off the FL Turnpike and heading to bumfuck I could have twitpic'd the whole time, it's a different world up there! 

After passing Withlacoochie (with la coochie) State Trail

And Withlacoochie River

I passed a donkey farm, so cute those lil donkey's are. They are for sale....I think I want one!!

Anyway finally made it to the birthday girls house, always good to see her and the fam...too bad she lives SO FRICKIN FAR!

Birthday girl with the infamous red velvet cupcakes from Fresh Market...yum ; )~


So I think we (me and all her friends) should cut off all communication with her, delete her from our FaceBooks ect..... so she loses her mind up there even quicker and moves back sooner rather than later.....what do you say friends?! Let's do this!



And those lil rugrats, UGH so dang cute!

Derek and Marley

If you have Twitter be sure to post a few #BooBrooksville every now and then ; )

Jamie xx

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