Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All I drink these days!

So since I don't coffee or soda any more (haven't in over a year) I thought I would share what I do drink, everyday pretty much like clock work

With breakfast most days I drink an EAS AdvantEDGE Carb Control Shake, I only like the Rich Dark Chocolate flavor, similar to a chocolate milk, the Chocolate Fudge flavor I'm not a fan of nor the Vanilla. Low carb, good amount of protein, only 110 calories and taste good!

Then after breakfast and since I don't drink coffee but want a kick in the ass I drink an Eboost! Right now I have the Acai Pomegranate ones. Low calories (only 20) and full of energy-boosting vitamins and minerals. I actually put these in all the welcome bags for all the guests that came to wedding cause they are great for hangovers too ; ) Just add the packet to a bottle of water. The only place I know of to buy them is on there website OR they give them away a most W hotels! They are usually in a basket by the check in or sometimes in the rooms!

Throughout the day I drink water...Penta! It's Ultra-Purified! Best tasting hands down (my opinion)

Also throughout the day I drink green tea, this one is unsweetened (so it has no calories) so I add stevia to it (The stevia I use is PureVia, I add one packet). I drink one of these throughout the day and if I need an extra kick I'll drink a green tea shot (by the same company) You should be able to find these at any Fresh Market, Whole Foods or health food store. Same goes for the Penta, not too many places carry it!

In the afternoon around 4ish I drink a kombucha, I drink GT's Organic Raw Kombucha - Multi-Green! It is an acquired taste, smells like vinegar actually and I guess kinda taste like it too, it's carbonated and I find it filling. I first tasted one a couple years ago and was like uh no gross! But then later when I got on more of a health kick and I tried it again I liked it, they actually give me a little buzz cause it is fermented tea, gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling ; )~ They actually took it off of store shelves for a while due to the alcohol content. It's loaded with enzymes, probiotics and detoxifiers. The multi-green one is kombucha, blue-green algae, spirulina and chlorella. One bottle has 70 calories, I try and drink one a day! This is another thing that can only be found at certain health food stores.

Then I have a bunch of different teas that I drink on occasion, tea is cool cause there are different ones that are good for different things. Here are some of mine


Jamie xx

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