Friday, January 21, 2011

My new Hello Kitty's bananas!

Above pic: I made banana chips last night.....YUM! 

OK anyway to the point....Hello Kitty! I came across this oh so fab Hello Kitty bag on ebay, it was selling for $7.95, I thought 'IMPOSSIBLE"!! It seemed to good to be true (pic on eBay listing made it look a little bit bigger) but for $8 I was fine with getting whatever they sent me in the hopes it was what it claimed. I got it yesterday and OMG it's freakin adorable LOVE LOVE LOVE! It's smaller than they made it look but still super cute! Thought I would share for any Hello Kitty lovers out there ; )

Threw on an outfit for the pic so you get a better idea of how cute it is LOL jeans are William Rast, white silk blouse not sure it's old and doesn't have a tag!

Love love
Jamie xx

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