Saturday, January 29, 2011

My uniform...cuter version! LOL

So a lot of friends brought up my uniform post LOL thought I would share a cuter version of the uniform, well maybe not cuter to you but to me it is, just looks a little more put together but still with the key components of my uniform ; )

This time instead of a Hanes t-shirt or a VS one I have on a white 3/4 dolman sleeve top by Free People that I got online from a year ago (I checked no longer there) with black Juicy velour pants but the original snap pockets ones this time, they have a way bigger flare at the bottom and have an overall different fit, great for us girls with no booties because the snap pockets on the back give the illusion of a gadunkadunk (an ass) accompanied with a black scarf with white peace signs on it and a pair of puma sneakers (PUMA mostro perf) (will do a sneaker post next)

Jamie xx

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  1. the snap pocket velour are my favs! i have the regular ones too but they make my butt look super flat.