Monday, January 17, 2011


I don't know one guy that likes a girl with busted ass feet so we gotta do what we gotta do. I rarely get pedicures just because I'm lazy and don't have the patience to sit there. I do go atleast once a month maybe twice for a polish change though. So anyway...I bought this stuff Heeltastic at Walgreens, it was at the register with all the 'As Seen On TV' stuff, anyway I actually bought it for my husband cause his heels always crack but I tried it out one night before I put on my socks before bed and it's amazing!! I LOVE IT! Much better than rubbing lotion all over your feet, I guess I like it cause you don't have to touch the bottoms of your feet, ha I'm weird like that! Anyway it's my new nightly ritual. After you get out of the shower, rub it all over the bottoms of your feet, sides and tops of toes too then put on a pair of socks and in the morning they will be nice and soft. I always wear socks to bed anyways cause my feet get cold. You can also buy moisturizing socks too if you need that extra bit of moisturizing like after a rough night or so, they even sell moisturizing socks at Publix! I have a pink pair that I wore last night and forgot to take off this morning before I put on my sneakers LOL oops!
I bought another one strictly for my hands (wouldn't want to be rubbing the same one I rub on the bottom of my feet on my hands) (also sharing this with your spouse or someone is prolly pretty gross too) I keep it in my nightstand next to my bed and rub it on the tops of hands and knuckles. My hands get gross and dry (old lady hands not cute) but I hate hand lotion and having my hands feel all greasy then you feel like you can't touch anything, this way you can still touch stuff cause you just rubbed it on the tops of your hands and knuckles, works great! I highly recommend it! It's HeelFUCKINGtastic!!

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