Monday, January 31, 2011

ANTI Texting While Driving!!!

Texting while driving is a MAJOR problem we are dealing with these days! I am an advocate for Anti-Texting While Driving since my husband is the Founder of the best Anti-Texting While Driving Software on the market...Drive Safe powered by PHONEGUARD! And no I'm just saying it's the best because it's my really is, all the other apps and software out there don't have all the capabilities as Drive Safe does. The statistics of fatalities of texting while driving are unbelievable! 4 times as many people last year died from texting while driving then drinking and driving. I urge everyone to get Drive Safe on their phone, it is not available for iPhone yet but it is for Android and Blackberry. It also makes a great gift for friends and family. I know I sound like I'm selling but it is what it is, it's something I believe in.
Here is how it works:
Drive Safe Software "safe driving mobile application" is easy-to-use software that helps ensure safe and legal use of mobile phones while driving. PG's Drive Safe Software is the practical answer to the problem of distracted driving; it activates automatically* when you start to drive and applies customizable safe driving policies to help protect you, your family, and/or your employees. 
If the current speed is higher than the threshold set, the PhoneGuard anti-text while driving application locks the phone by displaying our custom lock screen on top of everything else currently running on the phone. By doing this PhoneGuard anti-text while driving effectively locks the screen; rendering it impossible to read or write text messages, emails, or any other activity that requires you to look at the screen. PhoneGuard anti-text while driving is an all-encompassing solution to the many distracting activities that require you to look at your phone, enabling you to keep your eyes on the road.

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Pics of the box the software comes in



Each box comes with a 'No Texting Vehicle' sign for your car, which I have on all my cars. I actually have an iPhone so the software isn't available yet for my phone but I swear just having the sign on my car makes me think twice before I text while driving. I would feel like such a hypocrate if someone saw me texting while driving with the 'No Texting Vehicle' sign on my car.. I just don't do it, no text is that important, it can wait till you get to your destination. 

Funny video...but so true!

Please help me spread the word! It saves lives!

Jamie xx


  1. Texting while driving is one of the causes of road accidents around the world, in which advocating a campaign against in addition of the people following it, the end result will be a success.

    -Ethan Rehman

  2. trying to find this app for my iphone and its not available.. why please help