Monday, January 17, 2011

My uniform

So I have a uniform ; ) ha. For as long as I can remember I've been wearing black Juicy Couture velour pants, with a white Hanes sports bra and a white Hanes V-neck t-shirt, generally with a pair of sneakers but occasionally with a pair of flip flops, more often in the last few years because I haven't had a job so no real reason to dress up. I've tried to break this habit multiple times but always fail. I have tons of cute clothes I could be wearing but when your day basically consist of running errands like Publix, Fresh Market, Target, The UPS Store, Walgreens, the tanning bed to get hot and sweaty and maybe JoAnn Fabrics or Michael's on a crafty day, cleaning after my dogs and husband (the ultimate mess maker) and doing laundry, dishes ect... dressing cute seems to not fit in with my daily routine. It's not easy to do dishes and laundry with a bunch of cute bracelets on or a chunky watch, bending over to pick up a dog turd or clean up dog pee with a long necklace on is a pain in the ass too, accessories just end up getting in my way so why wear them when really no one is gonna see me in them anyway?! Same goes for a cute top or nice jeans and especially heels, I NEVER wear heels during the day. I could never understand walking thru the grocery store in a pair of heels or all dressed up, same goes for the mall. I don't like drawing any extra attention to myself especially when I'm alone, I'm shy and don't like it!!!! Don't get me wrong I like dressing up but just don't do it too often especially during the day, I'm more of sneakers and t-shirt kinda girl. So when I am not wearing my Juicy sweats I am still generally in a t-shirt and sneakers. I have a weird thing where even though I have a lot of other colors of Juicy sweats not just black I always wear the black and a white t-shirt, I think cause my sneakers are generally black and white so it just looks better to me, the black velour pants seem a little dressier to me as the colored ones seem more pajamaish. I know black and white seems so boring but works for me! HA I sound nuts! I do often think that the people that work at these daily pit stops of mine think geese didn't she wear that yesterday?! HA.... NO... I have a ALOT of black Juicy velour pants and a drawer full Hanes t-shirts! Looks like gym attire I know but hey it is a workout cleaning and running errands all day! ha
Here is me today in my uniform
It is raining today so here is my uniform with my rain jacket ; )
I don't do umbrellas, never have, they annoy me
My rain jacket I've had since high school, it's from Gap
Pic of my sneakers, they are New Balance slim got them a DSW a year or so ago. Funny pink moisturizing socks, I went tanning this morning and when I took off my sneakers I was like Ah what a dumbass I forgot to change my socks..oops!
Moisturizing socks blog will be next LOL
I go thru phases, right now they are my New Balance but otherwise it's usually a pair of PUMA's
Here is pic of my Juicy's
The bottom shelf are my uniform ones minus the pair I'm wearing and pair in the wash
The top shelf are the ones I think I'll wear one day but never do, cause they aren't black and the couple that are have writing down the sides or something and those ones tend to be longer so they don't look right with sneakers, almost have to wear a wedge or heel with them cause they are so long.
I have more but they are in the drawers with my pj sweats cause they are bright pinks and stuff
If I'm not wearing a Hanes t-shirt I'm wearing a Victoria's Secret boyfriend t-shirt, I love love love them. You can also wear these with cute jeans and heels (Jessica Simpson look) for more of a dressed up look but without looking like you tried.. Recently while in Vegas I bought some more cause they were on sale, 2 for $24 VS PINK boyfriend tees and the VS pocket boyfriend tees were $9.99!

P.S All things I say in 'my' blog are purely 'my opinion' I'm not always right nor perfect! Also I'm sure my kids will be in most of my pics, they follow me around the house all day!!!
Jamie xx

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