Sunday, January 30, 2011

Facial hair / nose hair....WAX THAT SHIT!

I want to talk about facial hair on GIRLS!!! I'm going to discuss mustaches and nose hair and how to remove it with waxing in the privacy of your own home. No girl should be walking around with a visible nose hairs or an obvious mustache. Ok so let's say you aren't the type of girl that gets all up in the mirror and checks these things.......WELL START! Just because you never noticed that one extra long nose hair hanging out of your nose doesn't mean no one else has, sometimes he (he being the extra long nose hair) goes back into hiding where he belongs so you aren't even aware he exist and when you least expect it (when hanging out with friends or on a date) he decides to make an appearance again, well I have a solution just get to the bottom (root) of it and remove him all together. Same goes for a mustache...not all mirrors and lighting are created equal so I suggest on a sunny day get in your car and pull down the visor and look in the mirror, do you see any dark hairs on your upper lip? It's really not uncommon, we all have hair on our face...some have more than others and some just have darker hair.
I have a mustache! Not a MANstache but hair on my upper lip, only a few of the hairs being dark, nothing crazy but I'd be damned if I didn't wax that shit! Same goes for my nose hairs, nothing crazy but have you ever pushed your nose up to make a pig nose face and looked close in the mirror?! HOLY MOLY! I got creative one day with the wax and decided to try and wax them and it worked, been doing it for years. I know it sounds crazy cause after all pulling one hair out of your nose with tweezers is a bitch, I can't ...that's why waxing works for me, you basically rip them all out at once instead of one at a time and when you do it that way for some odd reason it isn't nearly as painful! Doesn't even hurt I don't think. Sometimes I get carried away and wax every single hair out of my nose hahaha I told the lady who waxes my eyebrows once that I do this and she told me it isn't good cause we need our nose hairs they are there for a reason, here is the reason
According to Micheal Pollick in "what is The Purpose of Nose hair?" Nose hair defends the body against germs fungus and spores, When air is inhaled through the nose all the solid particles in the air is inhaled as well. The thicket of hair within the nostrils traps the particles in the mucus on the hair. Nose hair also provides humidity to inhale air. Humidity is needed for the respiratory system to prevent dryness in the lungs and nasal passage. People who frequently cut away their nose hairs or pluck them out are susceptible to allergies, sinusitis, or respiratory infections.
Ain't stopping me ...HA... anyway waxing at home is easy (NOT YOUR EYEBROWS....THAT"S ANOTHER POST LATER) 
Below I will explain...(WARNING: Pictures below are graphic LMAO)
The wax I use is Bliss Poetic Waxing At-Home Hair Removal Kit, it's easy and the kind you peel off so you don't need any waxing strips or anything,you can find it online and at Sephora, it's $45 but will last forever, I've had mine over 3 years. Here is the lin

Heat up the wax as directed, get a a few q-tips (cotton swabs), these are what you'll use to wax the nose hair. Make sure the wax is a thick wax consistency and not so hot that is runny like a liquid, ALWAYS check the wax first you don't want to burn yourself...."THIS INVOLVES COMMON SENSE"

Ok mustache first, spread a thick line of the wax upward from the corner of your mouth towards your nose like so with the spatula that comes with the wax kit (you can use a plastic knife too, works the same, the wax shouldn't be so hot that it would melt the plastic knife or obviously it would burn you!)

When you apply the wax, layers should be as thick as a banana peel (about 1/8")
Make sure to use some pressure when applying the wax, to form firm and full edges for easy peeling.
When the wax has dried enough, so it is not tacky to the touch, it is time to remove (but don't wait too long - wax may crack).
Press down on the entire patch to ensure a uniform removal, then hold the skin tight, grab an end, and remove the wax in a brisk fashion against the direction of hair growth.

WA LA! Quick and easy! I find doing it at the end of the day before bed to be best!

Ok now nose hairs...get your q-tips, you want the q-tips to be nice and tightly weaved ones hahahaha if that makes sense, see pic
Q-tip on the left is tight weaved one, GOOD...the one on the right is not, BAD!

Take the q-tip and dip the tip in the wax and twirl getting all sides of the q-tip with the so..

Blow on waxed q-tip to make sure it's not too hot, then deciding which side of your nostril needs the waxing take the q-tip and place in your nose making sure the wax gets the hairs you want removed DO NOT STICK TOO FAR IN YOUR NOSE, you should have only half of the waxed q-tip in your nose and see the other half of the wax outside of the so

Wait about a minute, then pull it out! When you pull you want to make sure you pull from the end that is in your nose, when grabbing try and have one finger on the wax that is sticking out of your nose to ensure that it all comes out. This is also the reason you want a tight weaved q-tip, 
a loose one and this can happen...
No need to panic just take your fingers and grab as much as you can that is hanging out of your nose and pull, you'll get it all out, it's fine! It's scary and nerve wracking before you pull obviously because you think it's going to hurt but once you've done it it's like wow not bad at all, way less pain than plucking. And gets way more than any nose hair clippers will ever do!

Once you get good you can do both at the same time like me  ; )

Way easier to show someone in person, which I've done as well. On a serious note's easy. If the nose hair waxing freaks you out atleast wax your upper lip. So shocked at how many of my friends walk around with a mustache....WAX THIT SHIT!!

Jamie xx


  1. i am so gonna do this! i never thought about nose hairs! ewww

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  3. Too funny! Kudos for posting that pic

  4. Jamie, you know so much about nose waxing, it's impressive! My friends all really got into the trend too! There's a blogging competition for Nad's. The winner gets a "title and badge of Nad's World First Blogger Ambassador 2012 + AU$ 1,000 cash* + One (1) year supply of Nad's products*".'s_Hair_Removal_Blog/post/BloggerContest2012/

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