Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Nail Update!

Had a few comments about the last 2 nails posts, but since they weren't commented on the blog I am going to share.

In regards to me not being able to paint my nails...my cousin (Carrie) says it doesn't matter if you get the polish on your skin and if it isn't perfect because once it's dry like the next day in the shower you can rub the polish right off your skin. I actually heard this before but never tried it, now I will.

Then a friend of mine (Desiree) swears by Duri's Drop n Go top coat, here's the link ; )

Another trick from my friend Priscilla (I'm gonna copy and paste it)
There's also a good secret I learned in nail school! When you putting your polish on your nails, and you accidently get it on ur skin, then it's ok. Because once you put your final clear top coat on, then purposely put a little top coat over where you painted on your skin, and while the top coat is still wet, the paint will come right off like an eraser. Just get a pack of those long skinny wooden nail sticks (that get dirt from underneath your nails), and use that to take it off. Works great :)

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