Saturday, January 29, 2011


My opinion and my thoughts on sneakers....

My feet LOOOOOOOOOOVE sneakers!! I've tried to trick them into liking platforms and stillettos but they aren't stupid, they know what they like and it's sneakers! I've worked out a deal with them that I will wear sneakers as often as possible and heels mainly at night, the nights I go out. In return I experience less feet hurting, blisters, ect.. if that makes sense ; ) hahaha
There are casual sneakers and athletic sneakers.  You should have atleast 4 casual pairs and 2 athletic pairs. (Unless you aren't a sneaker person, and if not move on to the next post this one ain't for you)
You should only wear athletic sneakers when you are working out!! If not atleast have on gym attire or something similar to my uniform (even though my uniform goes with 'casual' sneakers) You should not be wearing athletic sneakers with jeans! My favorite athletic sneakers are Nike, to be exact Nike Shox NZ. I've tried all the Nike Shox and the NZ's are the best. They are perfect for my feet, they love them! You can also go to and design your own custom pair!

I recently bought a pair of Nike Air Max, they are cute but my feet don't like them very much for some reason so I'm sticking with the NZ's
Besides those I have a pair that are really cute I got from Sports Authority over a year ago, so cute I bought 2 pair. They are the kind of sneakers that weigh nothing, super light. Personally not enough support to go long distance walking or jogging in but fine for a gym class.

Casual sneakers can be worn with alot of different things from jeans, leggings, shorts, JUICY pants ; ) I have and love and think are staple sneakers everyone should have a pair of are: Converse chucks, they are classics. So many colors to chose from, can't go wrong. I even have a pair of cute glitter ones I got from Target, Converse One Star.
Here are the Converse chuck metallic
I have a pair of high top Converse with black leather fringe I got from Singer22 a while ago, they are kinda too big but since I couldn't return them I still wear them LOL

I love PUMA's too, I have alot of the Speed Cat's and the Mostro Perf
Pic of Mostro Perf's, they are really comfy
Another really cute casual pair are Vans...LOVE!

Jamie xx

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