Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nothing is selling on eBay!!!

I have sooooooooo much stuff I need to get rid of and nothing seems to be selling on eBay....aaaaahhhh what to do what to do?! The above picture is not even half of the stuff. I mean really how many times can I relist this stuff before I just donate it. I've gone to Plato's Closet once and they are crazy, they tried to give me $1 or something for a pair of Juicy sweats, I'd rather donate it or give them to someone less fortunate than get a $1 for them. Some of the stuff I just can't donate, alot of it still has tags on it and are brand new!! For instance a pair of Jet by John Eshaya skinny jeans I bought from singer22.com and can not return, I LOVE them BUT they are too small ; ( I paid $200 for them. The list goes on and on...I guess the only thing I can hope for is some skinny bitches that wear a size 6.5/7 shoe start following my blog or something, I'll post links to my eBay in the hopes that they will buy something! LOL
Uh more wishful thinking!
My next option could be to start cutting it up and turning them into one of a kind pieces, I do sew and have a sewing machine! hmm
What about my millions of swimsuits I don't want, I have 2 drawers full. I've prolly never even worn some of those...Eeww what about the ones I have worn, would someone really buy them?! I'm sure a perverted guy would EEEWWW! LOL!
I mean everything is and can be washed. IDK I'm getting sick of these boxes in my closet though thats for sure!

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