Saturday, January 15, 2011

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Hello! ; ) So I decided to blog finally! It's going be a lot of girly stuff like clothes, shoes, make-up, hair, diet ect the list goes on and on. I have a lot to share! Oh yea WARNING I have horrible english/grammar whatever you want to call it and no I don't plan on proof reading or spell checking my posts! Even though I hate when people take pictures of themselves I am most likely going to be doing that for this blog. Some things about me: I'm 29 years old (birthdate 11/02/81) married and have 4 kids, not real kids (3 dogs and a cat) but they are my babies. 2 Boxers Buster and Bruno, a Pomeranian Tito and a Bengal cat Mr. Fuzzo. I don't work right now, haven't in a few years now, LG life is good! I'm an ex-model, did it for about 5 or 6 years. Modeled swimwear mostly before becoming a playmate (Miss May 2005). Modeling was something I never wanted to do, I actually sucked at it, all my jobs in my opinion were luck and the $$$ was great so I kept doing it. In order to be a good model I think you have to be very confident with your self and I'm not, I'm shy/insecure and think to much, I'm thinking how retarded I am the whole time they are taking pictures and feel stupid the whole time. I get panic attacks and I'm talking bad ones! Looking back I think I even got them when I was little but back then I thought it was the devil trying to poses me, I went to small Christian school so I think they had me scared of the the devil. A year ago I had a panic attack that lasted over a month, I swear! I couldn't even shower it was so bad, couldn't drive either or even get in a car barely! I refused to take any meds due to the fact that I truly felt like something was really wrong with me, I finally went to a hollistic doctor and she cured me with supplements, one being for my gallbladder, she said my gallbladder basically stopped working so my body was filled with toxins. I think a lot of it is from that stupid bc pill YAZ aka the devil!! Totally changed me...more on that maybe later. I'm what you would call street smart and not book smart! Kinda a Miss Know It All oh yea cause I do! ; ) I'm a Scorpio! I barely graduated highschool (Thank God for Hallendale Adult LOL gangsta), coming from a small Christian school I didn't know too many people at the highschool so being as shy as I was I skipped ALOT of classes and smoked ALOT of pot. Speaking of I can't even smell pot or I get a panic attack ; / sucks! I love cars, driving fast and blasting my music, always had a system in all my cars, I love me some bass! I'm blessed that husband is a car nut, he has 7. He is addicted to hooking up cars too so it's win for me ; ) I HATE hangovers, ugh the worst! And zits/pimples, I've had them for as long as I can remember, I thought it was a teenager phase but nope not for me, I'm pretty sure at this point that I'm gonna be the only old lady in history with acne. I have a potty mouth and curse ALOT, most the time I don't even realize it. I love shopping mostly online shopping. I LOVE throwing parties, decorating, and having a clean organized house. I lose focus alot and I just did haha enough about me, I'm over it, you get the idea. 

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