Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Working out!

So I have been slacking in the workout department, it's been a month since I did any physical activity which is not like me, I enjoy working out! Ok well maybe not really 'enjoy' it but I know how important it is and it does make me feel better afterwards, during I might be hating it, but I know it's worth it! When you look good ya feel good! It's a fact! I have been working out since I can remember, seriously! I use to do my mom's Jane Fonda tape right along with her in the living room when I was little, which in fact I still do that same Jane Fonda tape LOL
Above pic: Me with my mom's ankle weights on

Above pic: Me doing Jane Fonda ; )

This week I am starting my workout routine again. I took Bruno for a 40 minute walk this morning then came home and did some jumping jacks, arm exersices, squats and stuff with my exercise band ect... nothing major...quick stuff but still did it! I have a gym in my house with treadmill and all sorts of workout stuff, here is a pic of some of my favs that give great results if used regularly
mat + towel
stability ball
resistance band (purple)
exercise band (green) 
You can get all of this at Target or a Sports Authority, except for maybe the exercise bands which are by far my favorite, you can do so many things with them and they are cheap, here is where to get them

I would much rather workout at home or outside than in a gym
My 2 favorite workout DVD's/VHS are Jane Fonda (my mom's old one from the 80's) and Billy Blanks Taebo (the Advanced one) I can do the Taebo start to finish without even turning it on probably LOL, I've been doing them both religiously since I was about 18 so 10 years now. That plus walking 4 miles on the treadmill at a speed of 4.0 and doing the incline up and down the whole time you are bound to get in kick ass shape. If you don't have access to a treadmill outside works just as well ; )

Recently I started doing pilates on the reformer machine and OMG I LOVE IT!! My new fav thing, there is a studio about 3 miles from my house so if I'm up early enough I even ride my bike there. Such an amazing workout I highly recommend it! Gets to all the little muscles you didn't even know you had!
Above: Image I found of the internet ; )

Then last but not least hot yoga, love it, prefer it over regular yoga! I haven't gone in over 6 months but plan on going tomorrow morning and continue to go every week. Hot yoga I'll get into in another posts, so many great benefits!

My new workout routine is going to be hot yoga once a week, pilates reformer 2-3 a week, and Taebo and Jane once a week and or walk the dogs and do some home exercises. Speaking of Jane Fonda she recently partnered up with the Tone It Up Girls, check out there blog for a lot of at home workouts, they have some using the exercise bands I showed you. There blog is great, a lot of great recipes too.

Another girl Jane partnered up with is Jeanette Jenkins, celebrity Hollywood trainer, I follow her on Twitter she has great tips too, here is her website

Another blog I like is Giuliana Rancic's blog, she is the host on E! news this morning she posted on her blog some good butt exercises ; )

Aight gotta run, got wife and house duties to tend to.... chow
Jamie xx

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