Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nails....Shellac, the new gel manicure! Minx! And do it yourselfers!

I am the worst when it comes to going and getting manicures. In order for them to dry properly you have to be very patient, I am not! Then they end up chipping in a couple days anyways if your lucky enough to not fuck them up on your way home. So I would say I maybe go once a month and sometimes just for a polish change. Unfortunately as many times I have tried I can not paint my own nails ; ( I so wish I could! I even have all the little brushes that the nail pros use to clean up any polish they got on your skin thinking I couldn't mess that up, well I can...doesn't seem to work for me and I'm not good with my left hand DEE DE DEE, I'm right handed LOL
When the new trend Minx nails came out I was super excited, found a girl online that even comes to your house to do it. Minx claims to not chip and last as long as you can stand the crazy design you chose or until the nail growth is super obvious, which then you simply peel off after a nice shower and your nail underneath is unharmed. It's kinda like a sticker. Anyway on the toes it was great, but on the hands not so much, mine peeled after a couple days and for being as expensive as it is to get done I never did it again. Now I hear if they apply a gel top coat over the Minx it last much longer, they weren't doing that back when I did it.
Now there is the new gel manicure craze...Shellac! I have a friend who does it and loves it! It is similar to gels and last up to 2 weeks with no chipping. I hadn't had my nails painted in a while and was going to Vegas so I decided last minute to go get it done. To my shock it was a pretty quick process and best of all NO DRYING TIME so you can basically dig in your purse when they are done to get your keys, wallet ect... even though your still acting like your nails are wet cause your in disbelief LOL! Sure enough 2 weeks later and after a week of Vegas craziness and traveling no chips, however since I chose white (which they didn't recommend but I did anyway) they were yellowing a bit. You can't just take polish remover and take it off they have to be soaked off so after the 2 weeks and I had alot of grow out I was like DAMN now I  HAVE to go back to nail salon. This morning I said whatever it didn't take that long last time so I'll just run in and get them redone no biggie right?! WRONG! They had to soak them off just to even reapply, soaking them off took atleast 10 minutes. Which by the way when the girl was doing it she mentions how she only did it twice on her nails because she noticed her nails were getting really thin and gross! That's great I thought as I'm there doing it again. I almost had her just soak them off then give me a regular manicure but once again was too impatient to wait for them to dry, I was planning on going to grocery store after and wanted to go for a walk with Bruno, I knew I would end up messing them up and wasn't about to deal with danty hands for the new few hours and knowing that there is no drying time with the Shellac I though whatever I'll do it once more. They don't have that many color options either which sucks so I went with a bright pink. Needless to say I planned on being there only 30 minutes 45 tops...I WAS THERE FOR 2 HOURS!!!! My thumbs kept fucking up so she kept having to redo them UH it was aggravating!! They don't even look that great to be honest and this pink I can't imagine dealing with for 2 weeks. So point of story is I'm not sure if I like this Shellac shit! Yea great it doesn't chip for 2 weeks but does this mean all my cute Chanel colors I have I can't use again, guess not..not until I soak these things off again and leave them off!
Here is a pic of the color choices of the Shellac at the salon I go to, it's a horrible pic but you get the idea

Sephora actually came out with a Minx nail product you can do your self, so did Sally Hansen. I bought them but haven't tried them out yet, I will one day. My cousin tried the Sally Hansen ones and she says it was nice, easy to do and lasted!
One night a few months bored I decided to bedazzle my toes, just my 2 big toes, I had these crystals for ever and I never used them so finally I said screw it I'm gonna do it. No glue just put a clear top over my already painted toes then placed each crystal piece by piece on where I wanted it with one of those lil wood sticks that come in some manicure kits and that was it, it took a while but not crazy long and I swear it last FORVEVER, when I finally wanted if off I kinda had a hard time getting them off but once they were off my nail was fine. I went with a rainbow pattern, heres a pic of my first one. Not perfect but it was the first time I ever did anything like that.

I actually like a nice natural nail. There is this nail buffer/shiner kit by Seacret that my cousin turned me on to and it's awesome, it has one of the 4 sided buffers that shines your nails and if you buy the kit it comes with cuticle oil, a file and hand lotion. You can find it on eBay cheap too.

Ok enough blogging and enough nails...I wasted enough time today at the nail salon!!!!! My dogs are whining, they want to go outside and play. Odios Amigos!

Jamie xx


  1. i can't stand getting manicures either. i get so antsy. i need to come up with a better solution!

  2. I paint my nails and then I blow dry the shit out of 10 minutes each hand before I go to bed and they stay pretty good. And yes, I did the Sally Hansen cheetah design and loved it...lasted like a week and a half.