Friday, January 21, 2011

Zipper tees

A few years I bought this t-shirt by Dealers of Purple Cloth from one of my favorite sites, I think I paid like $80 for it. I liked it so much I decided to make my own for ALOT CHEAPER. First I used one of my white Hanes t-shirts then eventually started making some with the Mossimo boyfriend tees that I got form Target for like $10 each. Anyway I wore the first one I ever made with Hanes t-shirt today and thought I would share. I'm gonna start making some again.

The white one on the left is the one I bought for $80 the grey one on the right is the one I made with a  Mossimo t-shirt

Basically the idea is it's a loose fitting t-shirt that has a zipper in the back so you have the option to leave it unzipped OR zip it up for a more fitted t-shirt ; )

Here is the one I wore today, the first one I ever made, with a Hanes t-shirt, it's atleast 2 years old too and zipper is still in tact ; )

Not the best pic of the back but you get the idea! Jeans are boyfriend baggy jeans from American Eagle, like 4 years old ; )

Got out my sewing machine today ; ) lots of fun things to do and make!

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