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Be the Queen Bee....the low down on Royal Jelly

I'm not talking about this kind of Queen B 

I'm talking about this kind

Ok so where to begin?! Let's see.... a few days I posted a pic of a blue bag with a bow on it....LOVE! It was from Patricia Field's website well I bought it, got it yesterday. (bought a cute top too, I will post pics of the bag and top later) anyway in the box was a letter from Patricia Field with 2 samples of 2 different lotions. I scanned the letter for you to read, here it is... hopefully you can read it and it isn't too small if not let me know

Here is a pic of the samples she sent

As I read the letter oh thought..OH yes... Royal Jelly is the shit, I actually have a jar I bought a year again when I was on a health kick and juicing alot to put it in juices, smoothies and or shakes which I had forgotten about. I got out my jar of organic raw royal jelly and put some in a Boku protein shake (boku protein is the shit too, I will do a separate post on that later) that I made, instantly feel like a million bucks! Going to leave it on the counter and start to take regularly. You should too!

Here is the low down on Royal Jelly:

Where does Royal Jelly come from?

Nurse bees secrete royal jelly and feed it to larvae selected to become queen bees. It causes them to grow more quickly than other larvae, and even when fully grown, queen bees still require the nutrition of royal jelly. Consuming it puts you, too, on the fast track to superior health, beauty, and longevity.


For your brain...

  • Stimulates neural stem cells, neurotransmitters, and glial cells, which protect the brain’s neurons

  • Enhances overall cognitive capacity

  • Assists people dealing with impaired cognitive learning, motor function, and awareness to better their short-term memory and learning processes

  • Contains acetylcholine, which is important in the learning process and short-term memory

  • Helps benefit those with chronic conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases

  • Can increase intelligence over time

    For your body...

  • Plays an important role in regenerating tissue

  • Contains the entire B-Complex

  • Improves the immune system and can be helpful in such conditions as Grave’s disease and herpes

  • Has a reputation as an anti-carcinogenic

  • Regulates blood sugar that can help improve Type II diabetes

  • Contains royalisin, an antibacterial protein

  • Has been shown to help rats’ bones absorb calcium

  • Boosts adrenal and kidney system functions

    For your beauty...

  • Helps your body use protein more efficiently

  • Accelerates hair growth and can help restore hair color and shine

  • Has been classified as an anti-aging Yin Jing tonic in Chinese medicine

  • Contains collagen and zinc for softer, smoother, younger-looking skin

  • Now if that doesn't want to make you start incorporating royal jelly into your diet than your nuts! Ok well maybe I'm nuts but either way I encourage everyone to get some and start taking it. I purchased mine from it's organic, raw and 3x more concentrated than regular royal jelly. It is kind of expensive ($74.95) so if you aren't willing to spend that much than just go to your local health food store and pick some up, anykind is better than none! Here is a pic of the one I have

    Here is the link where to buy this one (this website has a lot of other good 'HEALTHFREAK" stuff so check it out (whether your into the whole raw food stuff or not)

    Well anyway back to why I decided to post this.....Patricia Field and her love for APIVITA products (which contain Royal Jelly). I haven't tried the samples yet but plan on it and will let you know my thoughts. Decided to check out the website anyway and see what it's all about, I plan on getting some goodies which I will also get back to you on ; )

    Here is the link to Patricia Fields site

    Here is the link directly to APIVITA 



    Jamie xx 

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