Saturday, February 12, 2011

Adios Amigos

I am going to Spain for 7 days! Our flight leaves tonight. I have been running around all day like a chicken with my head cut off. I have never been to Spain before and I hear it is BEAUTIFUL so I am super excited!

As of now I am sitting here after spray tanning the shit out of myself, I have a HUGE zit on my cheek too that is totally pissing me off! And I just found out no internet on our flight UGH! I thought all flights to Europe these days would have added wifi by now WTF! 

Hopefully I will sleep the whole flight, we are sitting first class thank God and I went to Target this morning and bought 2 standard size pillows and 2 throws for my husband and I so we will be EXTRA comfy, if there even is such a thing. 

These days when I fly I only wear leggings or capri pants and socks and a pair of sneakers. Can't wear any Juicy sweats or jeans because they all touch the floor. I pee fifty million fukn times and have you ever seen the floor in the bathroom on a plane UGH so freakin gross! I never understand why 90% of the time there is piss on the floor...wth people can't get it in the toilet?! Because of this I refuse to wear sweats or jeans anymore and won't even wear my Ugg's cause I don't want to risk having to stand in the bathroom and there be pee on the floor in them. Atleast my sneakers can be washed easier.

I always pack healthy snacks hard to eat healthy when traveling especially at the airport and flying.

Which by the way I finally got my Elizabeth Hurley banana/chocolate organic oat bars I ordered from her website. I heard about them on another blog and decided to try them out myself. You can only order them online from her website and they are shipped from England. Most of the ingredients are actually grown organically on Elizabeth Hurley's own farm. They are alittle smaller than I thought but they are good and only 100 calories.

I am bringing my laptop and camera so will hopefully do a post or two while I am away. 
Until then I have a few blogs I check regularly that maybe will be of interest to you while I'm gone ; )

Gwyneth Paltrow

Lo Bosworth from The Hills

Gretchin from The Real Housewives of Orange County

Brook Burke

My friend Evonne ; )


AHHHHH I am going to miss my babies sooooooooooo much

Especially this little guy waiting for me to come to bed every night

OK ladies gotta get in the shower to wash my hair and finish my packing, I leave for the airport in 2 hours.


Jamie xx

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