Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bag Borrow or Steal

So why buy an expensive designer bag when you can just borrow it!!
I've been a member of Bag Borrow or Steal for over 3 years, it's the best thing ever!! 

For instance this bag

To DIE for!

I borrowed last year for $110 per month. Keep in mind that bag from Louis Vuitton cost $2,250 and you can't even buy it in hot pink anymore.

Basically when you borrow a bag you can chose to either borrow it for a week or a month, a month ends up being a better deal AND you don't HAVE to return it in a month if you don't want to. So for instance that bag I borrowed for 2 months so it was $220.

YES all bags are real! And I've never gotten on that didn't look brand new! 
Personally I've never really even cleaned mine when I return it (they pay for the return shipping too) and I've never had a problem! 

You can purchase insurance if you want but I never have and like I said never had a problem and no I'm not extra careful with it or anything either! Designer bags can hold there own and last without much wear and tear from my experience. They automatically give you a $150 towards insurance just in case.

Plus I am pretty sure if they do get a bag that has been messed up they send it back to the designer for repair then sell it at a discounted price.

And before you return your bag if you LOVE it and don't want to return it you have the option to buy (steal) it a at discounted price. For instance I think I could have bought the above bag for $1500-$1600 and like I said it cost $2,250 and that color is no longer available.

Basically how it works is you sign up for a membership
$59.95 for 1 year
$19.95 for 3 months
$9.95 per month

TRUST ME the $59.95 for 1 year is the way to go PLUS when you sign up for 1 year they automatically give you back the $59.95 as a credit in your account. So say the first bag you rent is $100 for a month you'd only be paying $40.05

And every 10 dollars you spend you get a dollar in your account as a credit to use.
I've used a lot of credits from them AND today since I had to renew my membership I did the $59.95 for 1 year so I get that back AND I already had $$ in my account from them so now I have a total of $165.06 credit to use on something so basically I could rent that bag again for free and still have money left in my account to use.

They don't only have handbags, they have jewelry, watches and sunglasses too!

You don't HAVE to sign up for a membership but that only allows you the ability to rent certain stuff and for 20% more than you would if you had the membership.

With a membership you get .......

First notice of new arrivals + special offers

Wait List access (sometimes the bag you want will be borrowed by somebody else so you can go on the wait list if you want, then as soon as it comes available they send it to you, for instance the above bag I was on the wait list for and I thought it would be FOREVER before I ever got it, cause I thought whoever had it would never return it LOL but sure enough a few weeks later I had a huge package in the mail SURPRISE haha love it!)

Invitations to private sales 

And like I mentioned the 20% savings on all rentals and reward points (credit) if your a member!

Anyway I LOVE it and since I renewed today for the 4th time I figured I would share with you guys! If you want click here and check it out yourself or better yet..sign up!

Here is the designer index so you can see the designers they carry

HANDBAGS                                                          JEWELRY

SUNGLASSES                     WATCHES

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