Friday, February 4, 2011

Lady Parts UPDATE!

So I wanted to add something to the "How to Shave Your Lady Parts" post....

For the ladies that have thicker hair and are prone to razor bumps and irritation if you  shave the upper inner thigh I don't recommend shaving that part against the direction it grows which would mean don't shave from the top going down.
Sounds confusing so imagine you have on your underwear or a bathing suit...any hair that grows outside of where your covered by the underwear/bathing suit is the hair I am talking about. Shave that part upwards until you would get to the crease where you underwear/bathingsuit would start. DO NOT SHAVE THIS AREA AGAINST THE GRAIN to avoid any unwanted irritation! The rest including your lips you can BUT hold skin taught and firm.
Anyway wanted to throw that in because last night as I was shaving I thought about it and realized I forgot to mention that ; )

Next thing...Valentines Day is only 10 days away and yesterday while I was in GBS I saw Pubic Hair Dye!!! HA seriously! Thought it could be cute for the blonde ladies to dye their pubic hair pink or red and shave it into a heart design or something ; ) hahaha seriously that could be cute. When I didn't have the thin line style I would give mine a design every now and then.

Which I would like to mention for those girls with the thin line (aka Hitler mustache) look, the line should be AT LEAST 2.5 inches long, anything shorter just looks retarded. If you are shorter than 5'2" then MAYBE a shorter line would look ok but not sure, never analyzed any short girls with the thin line style LOL I'm 5'7" and anything shorter than 2.5 in starts to look weird. That goes for a wider line style and v shaped ones as well, nothing shorter than 2.5 in please ; )

Anyway as I was saying...Valentines Day. If you wanted to shave a heart or something just cut one out on paper, hold it up to your pubic hair and get a pair of buzzers and shave around it, then if you want in the shower you can go ahead and get a closer shave. If your thinking well I don't have a wide enough strip to make a heart well then let it grow in the part you want for the design, I'm sure it would only take a week for enough hair to grow back in order to shave a cute design in.
You could also give your thingy a little Vajazzling, body stickers made out of crystals made specially for that area, it's a new trend right now LOL

Check out this site for all your hair down there needs......pubic hair dye & bejeweled stickers

And this site for just Vajazzling

Do something totally unexpected this year for your man for Valentines Day, I'm sure he'll love it ; )

Jamie xx

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