Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shaving your Lady Parts


Shaving your lady parts........something I don't think most of us were ever taught.

Here is my story...I first started out waxing. NO I never shaved first! I use to go with my mom while she got her bikini waxed since I was little, and yes I was in the room with her LOL! It was always the same lady. Not sure why I never shaved first but I didn't, so I have been waxing since I was 15 and yes Brazilian bikini wax, well actually I guess Brazilian started gradually, I'd say by the time I was 17 I was getting Brazilian. For some reason I was scared of the thought of shaving. I started swimwear modeling around 18 so the waiting for it to grow out part before you can wax again when a photoshoot came up was always an issue. My nail girl at the time had laser hair removal done on her lady parts and loved it (keep in mind she was a fair skinned red headed girl, she didn't have much hair to start with) so I thought perfect I'm gonna go. Made an appt, went and OMG it hurt ;( then the lady tells me I can't tan...WHAT! And I can't ever wax again and will need like 8 more sessions, one every month! I freaked! No waxing no tanning and to have to endure that pain again and not to mention it's not cheap! Before I left she gave me a quick lesson on how to properly shave. Which I did and actually never waxed again just kept shaving. (never went back for the laser either) I never ended up waxing again because I was starting to notice in untouched photos bumps, like razor bumps, which was embarrassing and annoying so oddly enough when I started shaving I didn't notice them anymore. Shaving is more convenient and if done properly the way to go. 

Here's how:


Here's How:
Get a good razor. Stay clear of the cheap disposable ones. My favorite one and the only one I will use is Gillette Venus. Change blades every 2 or 3 shaves, if you don't you are going to be asking for nicks, cuts and razor bumps galore. Also get a good shaving cream, I use Skintimate Sensetive Skin.

Sometimes before I shave I give it a trim with some hair buzzers, I trim the hair that I am leaving not the hair I am shaving, obviously the hair I'm shaving is too short to buzz UNLESS you have let it totally go and got a jungle growing down there then by all means you should buzz the whole thing first, less hair to get stuck in the razor while your shaving! 
I have the hitler mustache look LOL whatever style you have going a neatly trimmed one always looks best and well manicured! I'm sure your boyfriend/husband (if you have one) has a pair of small buzzers. When he's not home or around get them and give yourself a 1 or 2 (haha level on buzzers) and wipe it clean when your done and put back EXACTLY where you found it. What he doesn't know wont hurt him HEHE! I always do this sitting over the toilet (facing the toilet) so the hair falls into the toilet and you can flush it leaving no mess or trace ; )

Shave in the shower or bath. It shouldn't be the first thing you do either, you want to be in the "warm" shower/bath for atleast 10 minutes to soften the skin and relax the hair follicle.
I do it after I wash my body that way that area gets exfoliated first by whatever you wash with (loofah, washcloth, poofy sponge)
Get the shaving cream and get a good lather going all over the area, area should not be soaked but damp when you apply the shaving cream.
Shave, using firm pressure, go first in the direction of the hair growth and then in the opposite direction while holding the skin taut. 
Don't go over the same area too many times. 
Rinse the blade in between each stroke.
(Don't forget your bunghole!) hahahaha
Followed by cleansing your lady parts (and your bunghole), then rinse and your done!
Pat dry with towel.

We all should be applying moisturizer right when we get out of the shower so make sure to get your lady parts too. I'm a Palmers Cocoa Butter girl ; )

IF you are prone to razor bumps or want to do it as a pre-meditive measure you can apply an after shave that reduces razor bumps like Tend Skin or Bikini Zone. They are the two I use.
You can buy Tend Skin at most salons, Sally's and GBS I think too and Bikini Zone they have at Walgreens, CVS, Target, ect... you can also find all this stuff in 'My Store' ; )

You should always try and skip a day of shaving if you can and never go 3 days or more without..YIKES!

Oh yea... shaving right before you go the beach isn't a good idea either, try and do it hours before if not the night before!

I think that's everything....hopefully all stuff you already know ; )

Jamie xx


  1. This post had me cracking up!!! You are too much...between the pictures of beavers and lawnmowers and not forgetting about your bunghole!!! LOL

  2. i want laser so bad but i think the whole process (and not being able to tan) seems so annoying! almost more annoying than shaving itself! i use the men's Mach 3 and the Skintimate Aloe. i've always wanted to try the Tend Skin but i don't get many bumps or anything so i figure if it ain't broke, don't fix it! good post J!

  3. Yea plus the laser only really works on SOME people not to mention the whole process is redick! ; / shaving is a pain but all the shit we do is LOL

  4. OMG you are too freaking hilarious! Just to keep it short, I second everything Carrie said ;)